The holidays look quite different this year for DaShoan and Sofia Olds—in the best way. It's been three months since they adopted seven siblings who were spread out in different foster homes.

“It is somewhat easy because it’s like doing something you’re supposed to do. When you find a job that you love, it’s not really work,” DaShoan tells this week. “We’re happy. We’re busier than ever, but we’re enjoying every moment, every day.”

The family was just beginning to come together this time last year when Sofia’s friend forwarded a Facebook message about the need for an adoptive home for Necia (12), Eric and Erica (11), Zavian (9), Dava (8), Keyon (6), and Gentry (4).

After spending the early years of their marriage deployed to Iraq together before settling down in a large home in Florida, the couple decided it was fate.

“We saw the story and it was just like a light bulb that went off to say like, 'This is for us. This is our time,’” says DaShoan, explaining the couple always planned to adopt one or two children, but never felt driven to act until they saw the Facebook post. “These children need a home, we have a home. It’s time for us to be a blessing and take home these children.”


After their first few emails landed in the spam folder of the children’s case worker, the Olds were finally able to get the process going in January with parenting classes. Those were followed by meetings with the children in their home before all seven came to live with the Olds in June.

Then, in September, the forever family became official when the adoption was finalized.


In the months since, DaShoan tells Babble the family of nine has been settling into their new normal—a routine filled with school, homework, practices and lots of trips to the grocery store.

For his family, DaShoan says the amazing experience is best described as “a team coming together.” He encourages anyone else considering adoption to take that first step.

“If you’re just thinking about doing it, take the classes. Do your homestudy. It’s an easy thing to do,” he tells Babble. “Make the phone call. You don’t have to have everything ready. Go onto the Heart Gallery. Tell people what you want. Communicate.”

Now all together for the first of many happy Christmases to come, DaShoan says they look forward to a casual morning at home and visits with the children’s new extended family. There are sure to be gifts, too—but none will be quite as great as the one the family received when they became one this year. ❤️