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If there’s one thing we’ve learned through all of our collective Well Rounded babies, it’s that a happy baby starts with a happy mama. And yet, in the chaos of taking care of a newborn, we often forget to take care of ourselves. The best way to remedy that? Plan your postpartum before baby arrives by adding some items to your baby registry that are all about mama.

We know what you’re thinking: isn’t a baby registry supposed to be for baby? Not anymore. We’ve partnered with Babylist to curate baby registry ideas that are as much about baby care as they are about self-care. All you have to do to add them to your registry is sign up for a Babylist registry, add the Babylist button, then click on each link to add the product to your own Babylist registry. Go ahead, mama, you deserve it.

image 3971 Bugaboo Bee5

The newest compact stroller in Bugaboo’s arsenal is your personal parenting statement. It comes in endless design combinations, so you can rock your own style while you’re rolling down the city streets. And with that super-easy one-hand, one-piece fold, plus unparalleled stability and swivel maneuverability, life with baby will be easy breezy.

image 3972 Multi-pack bamboobies Washable Nursing Pads

If you’re planning to nurse, you’re going to need the right tools. And that goes beyond your two boobs. Bamboobies ultra-soft Washable Nursing Pads will keep you dry and comfortable because, um, leakage happens. The ultra-thin, heart-shaped regular nursing pads are perfect for light leaking, while the round shaped overnight nursing pads are more absorbent for newborn nursing.

image 3973 Snoo Smart Sleeper

The newest innovation from Dr. Harvey Karp, the sleep expert and pediatrician behind the “Happiest Baby on the Block,” is designed to help mama get a little more sleep. The stylish SNOO smart bassinet provides movement and soothing noises to help put baby back to sleep. It’s also super-safe, so you can rest easy that baby’s resting easy.

image 3974 Icon Hiphugger Style Undies

Having a baby can wreak havoc on your lady parts, but that doesn’t mean you have to walk around feeling self-conscious of sneezing a little too hard. Icon’s undies hold up to 6 teaspoons, plus they have fast-wicking liners, leak-resistant sides, odor-eliminating treatment and ultra-thin absorbency.

image 3975 Ubbi Diaper Pail

We know, you don’t think of a diaper pail as a luxury for mama, but once you get a whiff of that first big blowout, you’ll be thankful you’re not using a regular old trash bin. Ubbi’s adorable version provides maximum odor control, strategically designed rubber seals to lock in odor, and a slid lid to help keep the smell inside.

image 3976 Babyganics Baby Safe Essentials Kit

Is it so wrong for mama to want a clean house….and a clean baby? Babyganics baby-safe gift set includes all your essentials to clean that very cute, but very dirty little babe: shampoo, lotion, dish soap and more, all made with plant-based, baby-safe ingredients, in a reusable fabric cube.

image 3977 Ergobaby Adapt Carrier

After baby arrives, it’s so important to keep moving (and doing the things you love doing). Babywearing is a must, and Ergobaby’s new Adapt carrier makes it easy to do it from the earliest of newborn days, no insert necessary. It’s got Ergobaby’s renowned comfort and ergonomics, 3-position options and can be used for a toddler up to 45 lbs. And we’re totally crushing on Ergo’s new patterns like this Geo Black Print.

image 3978 NYDJ Alina Ankle Jean

You cannot underestimate the satisfaction you will get when you pull on your first pair of non-maternity jeans postpartum. NYDJ makes it easy to do it early with the ultra-soft, ultra-stretchy Alina Ankle Jean, with a slim silhouette and a released hem for a chic, lived-in look. Did we mention it’s got an exclusive Lift Tuck® slimming technology to make you look and feel one whole size smaller? Not that you need it, but….

image 3979 June & January Booties

We know, we know: if you lose one more sock, you might lose it, right? Stay sane with June & January’s itty bitty baby booties. They’re soft and light, so baby will barely even know she’s wearing them, and that velcro closure will make sure they stay put. Use code CCIERF8XD51T and get $10 off your first order at, which means they’re basically free. A win for mama, for sure.

image 3980 Little Spoon Baby Food Subscription

We all have the best intentions to feed baby the healthiest, most homemade food, but then, well, life gets in the way. Little Spoon helps you execute on your dream with its 1 container per day subscription service. That’s one container of fresh, organic baby food bundled into a two week shipment sent right to your doorstep.

image 3981 Teat & Cosset Vivian Shirt Dress

We know, you thought your fashion challenges would end with pregnancy. But if you’re nursing, it’s worth treating yourself to a new wardrobe that’s breast-accessible. We’re in love with Teat & Cosset’s smart styles that turn the term “breastfeeding fashion” on its head, like this soft and cozy Vivian shirtdress. It’s as perfect for those first few days home from the hospital (OMG, company’s here!) as it is for heading back to the office.

image 3982 Expectful Gift Certificate

There’s no better time to start meditating than when you’ve got a baby on the way. Meditation during pregnancy & postpartum can help with stress & anxiety, increase your connection with baby, reduce the chance of postpartum depression and more. Expectful’s online pregnancy meditations are easy and effective…and take just 10 minutes. Which is good, because sometimes that’s all you have.

image 3983 Uma Body Oil

So we know you can’t take an hour-long essential oil bath every day as a new mom, but you can give yourself a quick body rub with Uma’s anti-aging body oil, and that’s almost as good. This luxurious blend of botanicals not only feels smooth, light and delicious, but also fights free radicals and environmental toxins. And if you’re not in love with your new stretch marks (we don’t judge), this hydrating oil also enhances cellular turnover and promotes elasticity, which can diminish visible “imperfections.”

image 3984 Munchkin LATCH Newborn Bottle Set

Whether you’re a formula-feeding, breastfeeding or combo-feeding mama, there will likely come a time when you need (or want!) to give baby a bottle. Munchkin’s LATCH bottle was designed to mimic the breastfeeding experience, making it easier to transition from breast to bottle and back. Which means mama can hand baby (and bottle) over to take a shower, or hit the gym….or just sit and stare at the wall.

image 3985 Parental Leave Fund

Baby and mama gear is great and all, but spending time with that new little person during those first few weeks is priceless. Instead of adding one more baby item to your registry wish list, use Babylist to ask your friends and family to pitch in to help fund your parental leave. Once you start a registry, simply pick “Enter Your Own” and let your loved ones help you take a few extra few days or weeks off from work to hang with your baby.

*This post was sponsored by Babylist.