Given my career path and my status as a mom myself, I get feeding-related questions from friends and family regularly. One of the most common questions out there is, "what bottle should I use with my little one?" These days, there are so many bottles to choose from, and you have several factors to take into consideration when choosing the right bottle for you. You may be looking for the most convenient option out there, or for a bottle that prevents colic and gas. Or are you breastfeeding and looking to transition from the breast to the bottle so daddy can get in on that baby-feeding action?

Whatever you're looking for, it is out there for you -- you just need to find it. Lucky for you, I've done research for you and put together a list of some of the newest, greatest baby bottles you can find. Whether you want a bottle that looks and feels like your breast or a whole travel bottle system, here are 9 baby bottles you'll want to check out.

1. MAM Anti-Colic Bottle.

At $6.99, the MAM bottle is designed to prevent gas, colic and reflux. It features a vented base that regulates pressure and prevent bubbles and foam to make sure babies don't get air in as they guzzle away. The MAM is a great option for those who want to transition away from the breast. It's easy to clean, comes in various sizes/colors, and has the ability to alter the flow rate of the nipple. At only $6.99, this bottle is worth taking a look at! $6.99, buy here.

2. Mimijumi.

Forget about nipple confusion. If you want the transition to be literally as seamless as possible, the Mimijumi bottle is for you. Not only does the nipple of the bottle visually mimics the color and shape of the breast, it is also similarly textured -- though some claim the nipple to be a bit oversized. This bottle also has different flow rates, allowing baby to latch and control the speed at which he or she is getting the milk. Though Mimijumi comes at a higher price ($25), it is definitely worth every penny if you've had a hard time finding a bottle that your baby accept to drink from. $25, buy here.

3. Baby Brezza.

Do you need a third nipple to give both of yours a break? Look no further, and get daddy to work! Baby Brezza mimics breastfeeding, which means it is great as a transitional bottle and your baby daddy won't have technical difficulties helping you out with the feeding sessions. Baby Brezza is also notable for its low maintenance clean-up (only has two parts to clean) and specialized technology to prevent colic. What's more it comes in a glass version, which is great for those who want to avoid plastic for the healthiest, greenest bottle-feeding experience possible. $8.99, buy here.

4. Kiinde Twist.

Mamas and papas, welcome to the travel system of baby bottles. The Twist is smart and convenient for the parent on the go -- especially the mother who chooses to pump and serve. The bottle system comes with a pumping bag that can attach directly to the bottle. That's right: with Kiinde's Twist, it's as simple as pumping into the storage bag and placing the it onto the bottle system. What's more, the bottle frame can be used with a variety of select nipples on the market). Finally and since we're all about longevity of the products we buy, the Twist grows with your baby as it allows you to store on-the-go snacks and purees. $11.24 for bottle, $19.99 for pack of 80 bags for $19.99, buy here.

5. Philips Avent Natural Bottles.

If you aren't looking for any fancy footwork, this bottle may be for you. A classic, the Philip Avent bottle claims to reduce colic, make transition from breast to bottle more smooth, and has various nipple flow rates. With its ergonomic shape, both mom and baby can hold it comfortably. Plus, it is easy to clean and BPA free. At only $14.99 for three bottles, why not give the Avent natural bottles a try? $14.99, buy here.

6. Bare bottle.

This is a rare find and technology like no other bottle I have seen. With its syringe-like technology, this bottle acts like a breast as it doesn't allow any air to enter the nipple system, which in effect reduces colic. The baby is also able to control the flow at which he or she is getting milk, as he has to actively suck on the bottle for the milk to actually come out. With the Bare bottle, you can even feed baby in upright position. $16.99, buy here.

7. Mixie bottle.

If you have a formula-fed baby, and your baby's cries of hunger at night stress you out, this may be the bottle for you. In the Mixie, you have your formula ready to go inside of your bottle, mix it all up and poof, your nighttime time bottle is ready in a jiffy. It's literally fresh formula, whenever and wherever. Be warned though, when you save time to prep, you may spend more time cleaning all the bottle components. But at least, baby should be milk drunk and sound asleep by then. $16.99, buy here.

8. iiamo go.

To make your adventures easier, opt for the self-heating bottle, the iiamo Go. It comes with two interchangeable bottoms: a regular one and a heating system that allows you to warm baby's milk on the go, in 4 minutes! No electricity, no cord, no recharging. It's especially useful for the wanderlust family traveling the distance. $35 for a bottle, $13.99, for 5 packs of heating cartridge charge. Buy here.

9. Joovy Boob.

This bottle is called "boob" for a reason: it's great to transition from breast to bottle, making the process as natural as possible, and reduces colic with its specialized CleanFlow Vent technology. Available in 5 flow rates, the nipples are molded and baked to strengthen the silicone and help prevent the nipple from collapsing while still providing constant softness -- though some parents have said that the slowest flow is too fast for their baby. $15.99 for two bottles. Buy here.