Just because baby's ready to join you at the dinner table doesn't mean that a big piece of jungle-themed plastic has to ruin all the fun that comes with his first culinary adventures. That's right, your little one's high chair can fit right into your kitchen decor; and to help you not only stay true to but also elevate your furnishing style after baby moves in, we're partnering with our friends at bloom to give away their new high chair. Inspired by the raw elements of big cities like Hong Kong, New York and Paris, the Fresco titanium high chair is bloom's take on city parenting and the latest edition of its signature chair. It brings a little city grit to the kitchen -- and what parent (urban or not) doesn't need that to tackle first foods and food fights? It isn't just sleek and modern. It's lustrous, and it's tough, with some industrial detailing that will blend right in with the scenery of any modern home.

The Fresco titanium isn't just pretty to look at -- it is packed with useful features that bring function to the dinner table… or the breakfast counter. With its easy, pneumatic-assisted height adjustment, bloom's chair, which is the world's highest baby chair, offers tremendous flexibility for different mealtime setups. And with its 3-position recline system, your little one can be part of the action from birth all the way to school age. That's right, your newborn can cradle up high (away from the ground and household dust) while you enjoy a meal with both your hands free, even before he's ready for his first foods; and once baby's all grown up, you can turn it into a regular chair, which can support children up to 79 pounds.

The tray, which you can remove to bring the chair right up to the table, is very generous in size and easy to clean; and if you don't feel like cleaning it yourself, it's also dishwasher safe. The seat pad, which comes in 14 vibrant colors and keeps baby comfy and snug, wipes clean in a jiffy.

Are you ready to add the lamborghini of feeding time to your dream kitchen? Enter below for a chance to win bloom's Fresco titanium high chair (worth $650!). You'll get to choose the seat pad you'd like to pair this beaut with.