If all you want for Christmas is pop culture content that normalizes breastfeeding, Cardi B just gave you the perfect present.

Just days after Rachel McAdams went viral for combining a breast pump and high fashion , Cardi B dropped the video for her single, "Money" (warning: it's certainly NSFW or meant for children) , featuring scenes in which she seems to be breastfeeding a baby ( probably her daughter Kulture ).

Internet commenters have been watching and rewatching the video, trying to figure out if the baby is latched and if the baby is actually Kulture, or maybe a stand-in.

That part doesn't actually matter. It doesn't matter if the baby was actually breastfeeding at that moment, what matters is that the first female artist to see all the singles from her album certified gold or platinum decided that breastfeeding imagery had a place in her video.


Cardi made a decision to include it, and every time a celebrity, an artist or even a mama with an Instagram account decides to include these moments in the content they are sharing with the world, a few more people get used to seeing breastfeeding.

These cultural moments are so important because they teach people that breastfeeding mothers shouldn't have to hide.

When people recognize that breastfeeding is a totally normal thing that some parents need to do throughout the day, breastfeeding parents can get the support they need from society, and fewer mamas feel like they have to hide out in bathroom stalls or quit nursing.

Legislation can help, co-workers can help, and our partners can help.

Some moms pump like McAdams, some moms breastfeed as Cardi B seems to in her new video, some moms use formula and some moms do all of the above.

Most of us don't look as glamorous as Cardi and McAdams when we're feeding our babies, but these beautiful images may make more mundane snapshots of #momlife ( like breastfeeding at the mall ) a little bit easier for all of us.

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