A couple in Manhattan Beach, California went on a surprise mission at Target, and it's safe to say they are going to make a lot of new parents happy (and possibly scratching their heads). Krystal Duhaney is the founder and CEO of Milky Mama, a breastfeeding and lactation support company, and she remembers what it's like to be a new mom with what seems like an endless list of expenses. As a way of giving back, Duhaney and her husband visited several local Target stores in their area and randomly stuck cash in different baby products, from inside the lid of formula containers to boxes of diapers.

In the video, which was posted on Instagram's Good News Movement page and now has over 100,000 likes, Duhaney writes, "When we had our first baby, we struggled to make ends meet. Now that I own a successful business, I wanted to give back because I know how hard it can be. So we're hiding money in baby items. You're doing a great job and your baby loves you so much!"

This is just the kind of heartwarming story I needed to start my week. Whether your mom village is a core group of friends or a network of family and fellow mamas at the playground, it's so amazing to see this example of what it means to give back, as this mother supports fellow moms in her community.

Click below to see Krystal and her husband's surprise money donation in baby products at Target. This viral video gives all the feels and more!

Now, could we also have a video of the parents when they open their box of formula or diapers and see the surprise cash inside?