Finding the perfect baby stroller blanket for these chilly winter months can be difficult. In the summer, it’s so easy to just throw a swaddle blanket in your diaper bag and call it a day. But come winter, even after your little one is bundled in their snowsuit or a BundleMe in their stroller, it’s nice to have something heavier than a swaddle to keep them extra warm.

When searching for the perfect stroller blanket, I tend to steer clear from anything too heavy to avoid bulk in the diaper bag. Instead, I typically look for something soft and cozy that can easily be wrapped all the way around my son if necessary.

Here are my top 5 stroller blanket picks.

image 1497

1. Monica + Andy Organic Luxury Muslin Always Blanket, $65

image 1498

2. Natti Natti Twigs Snuggle Blanket, $44

image 1499

3. Ferm Living Little Remix Knitted Blanket, $82

image 1500

4. Micu Micu Ballena, $36

image 1501

5. Ferm Living Mini Dot Blanket, $63

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