It's no wonder so many new moms are shocked by the changes that happen to their breasts postpartum. Although cleavage is a frequent sight in a culture obsessed with celebrity and photoshopped images of perfection, breasts that are out there feeding babies every day are a less frequent sight.

There's a lot of reasons for this: In our society, women are taught to keep their breasts covered, and so even when breastfeeding some women are more comfortable covering up (and there is nothing wrong with that (cover or no cover, do what feels comfy for you, mama.) We also live in a society that tends to censor images of nipples if they happen to be on female bodies.

And so it's totally possible for a mom to go most of her life without ever seeing what happens to breasts when they're making milk every day. And it's why FridaMom (yes, the company behind that banned Oscar ad ) is showing real, unedited and uncensored breasts on its website.

This week FridaMom posted a series of photos it calls "the first-ever library of post-baby breasts." A statement from the company says the gallery was created because "women need to see the realities of what's going to happen to their bodies."

From asymmetrical breasts to growing areoles and leaky nipples, FridaMom is keeping its boob gallery very real.

Leaking nipples

Seriously, leaking nipples are super normal for breastfeeding mothers and so is producing milk that isn't quite the color you were expecting .

For the full gallery check out the FridaMom website.