Over the winter Owen rocked countless baby bonnets. I realize they are trendy, a little girly, and let's be honest - they tend to get an eyebrow raise or two from older relatives or friends without kids that don't quite understand the bonnet craze. But the main selling point for me: they tie around the chin! I'm clearly all about convenience. As a mom that's always on the go I feel like the last thing I want to worry about is whether or not Owen's hat is actually on his head.

These three baby bonnets are some of our favorites for spring: they're made out of lighter weight fabrics, and do a great job keeping the sun off Owen's head and ears...or keep his baby head a little warmer on windy days.

Hanna Andersson Perfect Pilot Cap, $12

Briar Organic Bonnet in Navy Railroad Stripe, $34

Petit Soul Shop Bandit Bonnet in Terry, $34.