This week marks 25 years since FMLA became law, and we’re still stuck in the stone ages when it comes to parental leave. On the other hand, car seats are high-tech, babies of all backgrounds are being represented in the media, and wine makes you skinny now—so there’s a few consolation prizes in this edition of Weekly Links.

1. Gerber has chosen their 2018 spokesbaby—one-year-old Lucas Warren from Georgia. Diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome, Lucas is the first special-needs child to be chosen as a winner since the contest began in 2010. Check out this essay that a special needs mama wrote about what it feels like to have your child represented in the public eye.

2. Lose weight and drink wine? No, seriously! Weight Watchers just released a new white wine that’s only three points, or around 85 calories, per glass. Find out where to snag a bottle here.

3. Car seats have gotten seriously high-tech with the arrival of the new Cybex Sirona M, a car seat that connects with your phone to send you alerts and more. Check it out here to find out all that it can do.

4. The Family Leave and Medical Act was signed into law twenty-five years ago, and despite lobbying for changes, nothing much has happened. The US lags far behind other countries in providing adequate time off for new families, and it is proving to be damaging to the mothers and children involved.

5. Researchers are planning a large study to determine the role that a mother’s bacteria plays in ensuring the future health of the child. Exposure to essential microbes during birth can reduce the chances of respiratory illness, allergies, and more. Get the full scoop here.

6. Need a little help swaddling your babe? Harvey Karp, the pediatrician behind the five Ss and the SNOO, just launched the Sleepea, a swaddle with integrated arm bands that keeps your baby’s arms in the best position. Get yours now.