I'm often so inspired by my Instapals and one friend whose taste is out of this world is my sweet pal Lindy. Lindy is a new mama to TWO sweet girls and the twins' nursery is one of the coolest I've seen. From the diamond-shaped window, to the amazing light fixture, to the custom dolls that Lindy actually made herself (#goals), this room is a one of a kind.

I asked Lindy what inspired her space for Hazel and Norah. Here's what she had to say about the room—and how you can steal a few pieces of her style:

1. What was your nursery design inspiration?

A nursery from Amber Interiors, an amazing interior design company in California, totally inspired me. It was neutral, earthy, airy and grounded... All the things I love about a space.

When I think about design in a space, I start with creating a simple mood board. Once I pulled all my inspiration together, I was able to quickly pull the trigger on all the items at once, knowing they would go well together. Because of the time I invested on the front end and being able to see the pieces together, I was able to created a visually cohesive space that I felt good about.

2. What was the first item you bought?

The pieces I was most excited to arrive were their dresser from AllModern and a creamy wool rug from RugsUSA.

3. What are the most meaningful pieces in the room?

The first thing I made for them was a linen quilt. It's a cherished heirloom piece already!  I also love a framed watercolor painting of two rainbows that we painted together. 

4. How does the space make you feel when you spend time there?

Truly, that space is my favorite one in the house. Nothing is loud or obnoxious in print. It's calm. And my fondest memories were spent rocking in that chair with two sweet newborns in the quiet of the night.

5. What "must have" items did you decide to go without?

Well, we have a baby monitor, but we've never actually set it up! We never even installed a door to their room after renovations to keep the flow from their room to ours like one big room.

6. What are the most-used elements of the nursery?

Our peanut diaper changer is absolutely essential—and I wouldn't trade the high price tag for the functionality of it. It's wipeable and I have two baby bums to change, so it's really helpful to not have to swap and wash those fabric covers that are on other changers.

7. What advice would you give any expectant twin mamas planning their nursery now?

You're going to spend a lot of time in that little room. Aim for it to be the most serene space in the house. Don't fill it with loud prints and make sure there is plenty of storage to allow for an easy toy clean up.

I try and keep that room clean and calm. It's become a sanctuary for us. A live plant always adds to the freshness of a room too—and just feels good. Also, buy two noise machines! Place them beside each crib, which will hopefully help break the "one waking the other up" sleep cycle.

A few more faves:

IKEA Sniglar Crib, $79

Rossford Rocking Chair, $280

Horse Print by Kevin Russ, $48

McGee & Co. Anne Pillows, $178

What a lovely little space for twin girls. A huge thank you to Lindy for opening the (non-existent) nursery door for us!