Swings and bouncers sure are cozy, but for baby, your arms are the comfiest spot of all. That said, going about your day and doing your own things isn’t really feasible if you have to hold baby all day long. Enters your trusty baby carrier.

Babywearing has gained popularity in the past couple of years, and for good reasons. It’s not just that it gives your arms a break from that hefty new bundle of yours. Babywearing strengthens the bond between parents and baby, promotes baby’s development, helps baby be generally calmer, and decreases the risk of SIDS, flat-head syndrome and postpartum anxiety and depression. With popularity comes variety — from classic ring slings to wraps to four-position structured carriers, there’s literally an option for everyone.

To mark International Babywearing Week, we’ve rounded up the best baby carriers in 2017. Here are 10 of our favorites.

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1. Ergo baby Omni360. The newest baby carrier from one of the most trusted names in the game is truly an all-in-one option for parents. Similar to the All Position 360, the Omni allows for 4 carrying positions but drum roll, without the need for an infant insert! Also new, an added lumbar support for extra comfort and a removable pouch where you can store your phone and keys. $180, buy here.

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2. Cybex Yema. Stop the presses, the most stylish baby carrier to date has arrived. On trend as always, Cybex’s Yema is both fashionable and functional. This gorgeous carrier can be used from birth-27 pounds and can be worn in three positions, front, back and side carry. The stylish fabrics and design really set this baby carrier apart from the rest. From the leather-look to the newest Koi print (pictured above), this carrier is truly a fashion accessory for mama. $199.99, buy here.

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3. Studio Romeo. If minimalism is your thing, the baby carrier from Studio Romeo might just be the one for you. This simple baby sling provides the snug feel you get with a wrap but without all the tying and knotting. Simply slip the two panels over your head, place baby inside and you’re ready to go!We’re really loving the easy to wear with any outfit, monochromatic look of these baby carriers. $100.36, buy here.

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4. Sakura Bloom Onbuhimo. While we all know and love the ring slings from Sakura Bloom, they just introduced a new carrier, the Onbuhimo that we’re swooning over. Beautiful and functional, this carrier marries the snug feel of a wrap with the sturdiness of a structured carrier. Perfect for babies 15-35 lbs and expectant mamas since the Onbuhimo is designed without a waistband, how cool is that? $198, buy here.

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5. Lalabu. Lalabu has made babywearing super simple for moms and dads. Even the most hesitant baby wearer will feel confident using these innovative shirts designed with a built in pouch for newborns up to 15 lbs. And we love that the Soothe Shirt for mom comes with a built in nursing tank that allows you to seamlessly go from babywearing to breastfeeding. $75, buy here.

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6. Wild Bird Ring Sling. There is something really romantic about a ring sling. They are a practical alternative to the classic carrier, again no wrapping or knotting and are suitable for baby and toddlers alike. The gorgeous collection from Wildbird are all made with 100% linen fabric and come in a lovely array of colors and patterns. $64.95, buy here.

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7. Solly Baby. Solly Baby is known for their classic baby wrap and impeccable collaborations. The newest artist collection features designs from painter Jen Garrido that are absolutely stunning. But what’s even bigger news from Solly Baby is the new shorter lengths of their baby wraps. The new standard wrap size is made with less fabric, meaning your wrap will no longer touch the ground when tying it on. $65, buy here. Use the code WELLROUNDED to get $5 off your order on the Solly Baby site.

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8. Abiie. The Huggs Hip Seat Carrier from Abiie was created with the importance of an ergonomic design in mind. This carrier ensures a healthy hip position with it’s innovative arched booster seat which provides all-day comfort for both baby and parent. This lightweight yet sturdy carrier also features a unique double-layer back panel that can be removed to expose a breathable, mesh material for keeping baby cool on hot days. $129, buy here.

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9. Tula Free to Grow. The much loved brand Tula recently introduced their first carrier for newborns, no infant insert needed. The Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier has built in adjustable hight and weight settings that make it comfortable and ergonomic for infants and grows with baby all the way up to a whooping 45 lbs. This ultra versatile structured carrier is made with breathable, lightweight fabrics and can be worn in both front and back carry positions. $159.99, buy here.

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10. Baby Bjorn’s newest collection/colors. The Be You Collection is the latest and greatest from Baby Bjorn. This exciting new collection offers a color palette that celebrates diversity and promotes the freedom for parents to express themselves as individuals. Show your personal style with a range of vibrant and unique colors not normally scene in baby wearing with the new Be You Collection offered on both the Carrier One and Carrier One Air. $189.95, buy here.

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