When you first become a mom with a newborn baby, technology might not be the first thing on your list of registry items. But these days, baby gadgets can make being a mom a whole lot easier and much less stressful. All you need is a smartphone (and nowadays who doesn't have one) and you're all set to take part in the latest baby product trend out there. Here 6 tech mom must-haves that you should add to your registry now.

1. Hatch Changing Pad Being a new mom is scary. You never know if something is wrong because, well, a newborn baby is unable to tell you. The Hatch Changing Pad changes that, thanks to its Smart Changing App. Put your baby down for a change and track her growth -- not to mention her feedings, sleeping, nutrition and more. The Hatch Changing Pad is also there for you when you can't be. So if you're a working mother, you can still keep abreast of your baby's progression when you're not with your baby. $299 Buy it here (ships early March).

2. Owlet Care At first glance, this is just the cutest little green baby sock. But it's not just a baby slipper, it's the Owlet Care system, which helps monitor your baby's breathing while he's sleeping. The Owlet is worn on the baby's foot and a monitor for parents flashes red and sounds off if your baby stops breathing. It's the equivalent of the monitor that health care professional clip on your finger when you're in the hospital -- and what's more reassuring than that? $249.99 Buy it here.

3. FridaBaby Thermometer The FeverFrida takes the digital thermometer to a new level. This smartphone-connected adhesive monitor attaches to your babe and alerts you when your newborn's temp goes above normal. It also continuously stores data for pediatrician visits and medicine dose reminders. It even works for toddlers -- last week, my 3-year-old son was very hot but our regular old thermometer coudn't detect his low-grade fever because it didn't know recognize that his normal temp was lower...an issue the date-savvy FridaBaby could have solved in a snap. $69.99 Buy it here.

4. BabyNes Formula Machine Formula feeding can be as easy as making a Keurig cup of coffee. Often times, as a new mother your baby starts crying and wants to eat NOW! To warm up the formula take a little while, and with a crying infant, a little while seems like eternity. The BabyNes Formula Machine makes formula in under a minute using a single-service capsule of formula. The temperature is adjustable, and the machine filters the water, syncs to your smartphone, tracks baby's nutrition and growth curve, and allows for automatic capsule replenishment when running low. It even sends feeding alerts via smartphone! The system is easy to use and the formula options are made to mimic the benefits of breastmilk dependent on your baby's age. $249 Buy it here.

5. 4moms Car Seat Yet another problem for the new parent is installing the newborn car seat. How does the seatbelt strap keep the seat securely in place? What if the belt gets loose while you're driving? How would you even know if it did? Enter the 4moms Car Seat, which installs itself, connects to an app that continuously monitors the seat's position while the carrier is connected, and provides reminders to adjust harness and headrest based on child's height, weight and projected growth. You can even use the app to receive additional tips and tricks to help you with the car seat. The seat will be available in June 2016 but you can preorder it now. $499.99 Preorder it here.

6. UviCube With the UviCube, you can give your infant the cleanest of the clean bottles. This cool device -- it looks like a microwave -- uses UV light to remove all harmful bacteria from your baby bottles, pacifiers, mobile phones, remote controls, really anything that your little one might touch. Bonus: It also keeps your baby tools in order so they don't sit all over your countertops. $299 Buy it here.