As a parent, you will probably run into a no-gift party at some point and wonder "should I bring gifts or not?" On one hand, you want to show that you care for the child, but you also don't want to embarrass other parents who come empty-handed or make the host feel uncomfortable.

Here are 10 things to do when your child is invited to a no-gift party:

1. Consider experience gifts

One of the reasons that "no gift" parties become a trend is that there's not enough space for more toys. In that case, talk with the host and ask if it's okay to give a theme park pass or a museum ticket, which doesn't take up any room while giving the child an experience to remember.

2. Bring homemade desserts

Proud of your baking skills? You can offer to bake some desserts for the birthday party, which also takes some pressure off the host who's preparing everything. If you're afraid that you're not an amazing chef, fruit and veggie trays would work too.

3. Offer a gift card

Though some may think that giving a gift card shows a lack of thoughtfulness, it's probably what the host needs at that moment, especially new parents. If you want to make sure this doesn't go to another toy that takes space, you can buy the birthday child a gift card to a local restaurant or dessert place.

4. Be a helper

Another way to show your respect to the hosts is to help them set up the party or clean up the venue. Ask which one they prefer and be helpful. Throwing a party can be stressful for everyone, so it'd be great if somebody else is willing to share some of the responsibilities.

5. Donate to a charity

This is also a popular option for the host, who can send out email invitations that allow the guests to donate money to a charity. If you are not given this choice, you can donate to a charity in the birthday child's name.

6. Create a wishing tree

To create a wishing tree, you need to get a bunch of tags and write down a favorite memory or a wish for the birthday child on each of them. Then use a string to connect them and coil the whole thing around a twig. You can put the twig in a vase if you want to. Bring the wishing tree to the birthday party and see how they react to this surprise. It will surely make the birthday child feel loved.

7. Bring a card or write a letter

Bring a cool birthday card or write a letter to the birthday child can be a heartwarming surprise. There are many creative birthday cards on Amazon, such as this one that pops up like a bicycle. Other popular options include cards with the Chinese dragon, rose or cake pop-up. If your little one is close to the birthday child, let them write a letter about their friendship.

8. Do a book exchange

When two bookworms are friends, they'd love to share their favorite books. Ask your child to pick out what they would like the birthday child to read and bring it to the party. Since it's a book exchange, let the birthday child reciprocate. That way, both of them go home with something new and exciting.

9. Suggest a fiver party

Throwing a fiver party means that the host asks all the guests to buy a special gift for the birthday child together instead of giving separate gifts. If you are close enough to the hosts, you can talk to them about doing a fiver party.

10. Make crafts

DIY a craft for the birthday child would be something that the host appreciates. It can be a bracelet, an ornament for them to decorate their bedroom or a face mask. You can even use pictures of the two friends together to create something unique with your little ones.

This article was originally published on Partify and it has been republished with permission from the author.