We all know—no matter what age your children are—that parenting is hard. It’s the best and biggest challenge of my life. A job I’m so extremely grateful for every day of my life, but one that pushes me to my limits.

Mom life is busy.

We’re always trying to balance a monumentally large list of things. We’re trying to get all the things done, fill all the needs of everyone around us, while also working, starting businesses, birthing babies, taking care of ourselves and our marriages, and oh yes—getting some sleep, too.

Mom life is overwhelming.

Our little ones have so many needs and tons of big emotions going on at all times. But we do, too. It can be emotionally draining to be the problem solver, tantrum tamer, scheduler arranger and keeper of information. It’s all the time and it’s never-ending. It can feel like a lot.

Mom life is confusing.

You feel guilty for not being able to do it all. Then SO happy because your daughter just told you you’re the best mom ever. Then sad because your toddler is growing up and she doesn’t fit into her 18 month clothes anymore. Then inspired because you read an essay from a mom you admire and you want to do better, be better.

Then frustrated because you have so much to do and don’t know where to start. Then extremely proud because your kid did something amazing. Then tired because you just want a break and a minute to hang out with your girlfriends. Then humbled because your children are teaching you something new about yourself every day—like how to be even more patient, even more kind.

But mostly—my life as my kids’ mom, is a reminder that Im doing something right. I am contributing to this world by raising an awesome kid.

So when I forget—I vow to let your awesomeness remind me.

When I forget that you’re a 3-year-old experiencing lots of new feelings, and sometimes you get frustrated or lash out because you’re trying to figure out how to process them—I will remind myself how awesome your heart is for being so empathetic and compassionate.

When I forget that you’re brain is constantly taking in and learning new information, and it can be overwhelming to you—I will remind myself how awesome you are for your enthusiasm in figuring out how to do that puzzle or what that specific dinosaur’s name is.

When I forget that you don’t 100% have the understanding of why we need to be on time for something and so your art project takes precedence over timeliness—I will remind myself how awesome it is that you can focus so well on something you’re passionate about.

When I forget that you’re little and you just want your mama to cuddle with you at the end of a long, busy, tiring day—I will remind myself how awesome it is that you still ask me to lay with you while you fall asleep.

When I forget that you are learning how to be your own person and that you want to pick your own (mismatched) clothes out—I will remind myself how awesome it is that you want to be independent and the fact that you don’t care what others think is an inspiration to me.

When I forget that you two don’t always want to do what I ask you to do, when I ask you to do it (because you are toddlers…)—I will remind myself that it’s awesome we have the opportunity to talk things out together and that I hope we always have that kind of relationship.

When I forget that even though you’re starting to chat more and more and do so much for yourself (so you seem so old to me)—I will remind myself that I’m still the one you look for when you fall down or run to when you’re scared, and that feeling of being able to help make things better is awesome.

I never want the busyness, the overwhelm or the confusing feelings of motherhood to dim my ability to see how awesome my kids are. It’s all so much—the feelings of not being enough, the scary, worrisome feelings, the complicated feelings—it can be easy to get sucked into focusing on that stuff.

But that, my friends, is not the focus. You know what is? That awesome kid of yours.

The one that you and your partner are raising.

The one that you’re raising by yourself.

The one that you and your tribe are raising.

Sure, they’re awesome on their own, but it’s also largely because of you, mama.

So when you forget that even though mom life can be crazy and busy and overwhelming and complicated and draining—remember… it’s also so awesome because of you.

Because of your effort, your love, your passion, your dedication and your spirit. Don’t forget to celebrate that, too. ?