I am so nervous about adding to our family.

(It’s kind of too late for that, seeing as I am three days away from my due date for baby number three’s arrival. ?)

I’m nervous because of my second daughter. I’m nervous about her transition to big sister and shift to middle child.

I’m wondering how she will do when she sees me holding a new baby 24/7.

I’m wondering how she will feel when she sees me nursing her baby sister, when just a few short months ago, she was the baby who was nursing.

I’m wondering what she will be thinking—will her feelings be hurt that she’s not the baby anymore? Will she feel cast aside?

This is my third time becoming a mother. You’d think I’d have a better handle on these feelings. Or maybe that I would have the ability to calm myself down, because in my heart I know that adding one more child to our family is the right move. I know my middle daughter is going to rock big sisterhood.

Everything is about to change—but I know in my heart it’s all change for the better.

These worries that take up so much space in my brain and my heart right now will soon be a distant memory. A memory I’ll look back on and laugh at because soon enough we’ll all be pros at our new dynamic. We won’t even be able to remember what life was like before our newest addition.

So, my hilarious, sweet, spirited, fierce second child—

I want you to know that I love you more than any words I could ever type or say. You’ll always be my baby, even though you’re morphing into more and more of a big girl every day.

My baby, when you see me with your new sister—know that you are a gift to each other, and to me and your dad. I love you both, as equally and as deeply as possible.

My baby, when you want me to hold you, but I’m holding your sister (who can’t sit, crawl, walk or stand yet)—please know that I want to hold you, too and I don’t want to make you upset. My arms are big enough for both of you.

My baby, if you ever question my love, don’t. Stop there. I love you all so much—with my whole heart, soul and spirit. With every inch of who I am.

My baby, if it upsets you when you see me bonding with someone new—don’t shy away. Come tell me how you feel and give me one of your big, cuddly, tight bear hugs. I’m experiencing lots of changes too, so I could probably use one of those.

My baby, if you feel like your spot is being taken, please don’t. You are my one-of-a-kind girl. You’re amazing and determined and sassy and independent and kind and creative. You are irreplaceable.

You have brought so much joy into our family since the day you were born. Thank you for being part of our lives.

Now, it’s your sister’s turn. She’s about to bring us her very own light and joy into our family. She’s not coming here to steal yours—just to add to our collective family light. With her, we’ll be able to shine even brighter together. ✨

We both have jobs to do, baby girl.

I’m about to become a mother again to a new baby! It’s exciting and scary and nerve wracking all at the same time. It’s a big job, and one I am ready for. I’m ready to rock it.

And you, my darling, you have a job to do, too.

You’re about to become a big sister! That’s a real honor and privilege, speaking from big sister experience.

You’ll be able to help your sister learn all about the world around us.

You’ll be able to make her laugh, give her piggyback rides and play games with.

You’ll be able to share clothes and hang out with friends together and give each other love advice.

You’ll be best friends and each other’s biggest protectors. What a gift that is.

You’re going to rock big sisterhood.

We’ve all got your back. We’re in this together. ?