Host Liz Tenety kicks off Season 3 of the Motherly Podcast with an interview with Kristen Bell—actress, singer, soon-to-be children’s author, mother of two, and Hello Bello founder. Kristen discusses co-parenting, self-care, and how there’s no such thing as other people’s kids. Kristen also talks about one of her most famous characters: Anna, from Frozen and Frozen II. Additionally, this season, we’ve invited our Motherly community to share their own stories—and following Liz’s discussion with Kristen, you’ll hear from a listener about how she co-parents with her partner.

The Motherly Podcast is hosted by Liz Tenety and produced by Jennifer Bassett with support from Jordan Gass-Poore and Renata Sellitti. Music by The Blue Dot Sessions. 

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A version of this article was published March 4, 2020. It has been updated.