You’ve probably heard of the fourth trimester—that three-month period post-baby that is often full of challenges and milestones. You’re adjusting to life with this new addition while also managing your own transformation into motherhood. We know how difficult it can be and how little mamas focus on self-care and self-love during this time, whether you’re a first-time mama or on baby number three.

That’s why we created Motherly’s Fourth Trimester Challenge with LiveItUp!

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by facing the changes on your own, what if you could tackle each part of the transition in small, manageable bites? (And what if you had a seasoned mama on your side helping you through?) The challenge will meet you exactly where you’re at, delivering bite-sized tips and tricks straight to your cell phone.

Here’s how it works:

1. Click here to sign up for a 21-day challenge designed to help you thrive in the fourth trimester. Fill out your information and then choose Becoming Mama: The 4th Trimester Challenge.

2. Every day, our co-founder and CEO Jill Koziol will text you a simple task designed to help you navigate the fourth trimester with a focus on self-care and self-love. Most take just 3-5 minutes to accomplish!

3. Check off a task a day until the end of the challenge—and then marvel at the amazing mom you are, mama!

Even better? Try your first seven days free, and then use code MOTHERLY to get $10 off the rest of the challenge.


Remember: every time a baby is born, a mama is too. Let us help you create time for self-care, find space for reconnecting with your partner, and learn how to bring your whole self with you on this new journey.

You’ve got this, mama.