*We've partnered with 21 Bundles to help simplify life for a new mom or mom-to-be. Let me begin by confessing that I don't like to shop for fun. Buying stuff doesn't lower my blood pressure, nor can it distract me from the chaos of parenting and life in general. When I do need to buy things, especially for myself or my toddler, I take forever to make a final decision, and spend a lot of time asking myself (and Google): am I choosing the best thing, the healthiest thing, the most ethical and environmentally friendly thing, the thing that can replace all the other things? I'm never sure. And, on top of that, with a son and a baby on the way, I've neither the extra hours nor the brain space to deliberate for long. That doesn't mean I don't deserve a treat. Or need to treat my baby or baby-to-be. Which is why I'm psyched to learn about 21 Bundles, a national (and Canada) subscription box - aka bundle -service designed for pregnant women and the first year of motherhood. Now, I know subscriptions services abound these days, but here's why you might want to move 21 Bundles to the top of your subscription wish list.

1. There's no decision-making required. All I had to do was tell 21 Bundles how old my kid is and/or how pregnant I am. These are the kind of questions I can actually answer, and on very little sleep! My 7-month pregnancy bundle had 8 items, including a Radha Deep Sea Mud Mask and a Mad Hippie cleanser that smelled like macadamia nuts and self-care. I put on the mask for 10 minutes and afterward, I felt more aglow than I have in months (seven months, to be specific). The summer baby/toddler bundle I got was designed with both my preschooler and babe-in-womb in mind. It was jam-packed with 11 items, like a palm-sized portable Mini Monkey Mat to spread out at the park, and an adorable toddler yoga book that my three year old had me read 3x in a row, while he did all the poses. My son was also super psyched about the organic Farm Buddy – a nautically dressed frog – which he plans on giving to his future sibling, saving me a trip to the toy store. 2. There's no toxins or chemicals. Everything 21 Bundles sources and ships is free of chemicals that might mess with my pregnant bod or my baby's sensitive, new-to-earth system. It's the perfect mix of your fave eco-friendly brands and the eco-friendly brands you didn't know about, like Aden & Anais, Earth Mama Angel Baby, Deep Steep, Motherlove, Green Sprouts, and Ecco Bella, among many others.

3. It's highly curated. It's nice not having to scroll through a seemingly endless amount of product reviews or taking upwards of an hour to read up on every possible product I could add to my bundle. I am, as I've admitted, both uninterested in shopping and, at the same time, very particular about what I want from what I buy. 21 Bundles, unlike some subscription services, does the heavy lifting in terms of making choices, which, for me, has been a relief. They also don't skimp on quality or quantity – you get between five and eight items. 4. There's always an element of surprise. Parenting is a joy and also a daily grind, rife with the unexpected, like tantrums and diaper explosions and nap refusals. Good surprises are a real treat these days and I don't take them for granted. 21 Bundles is one of those good surprises -- while I don't always know what will arrive each month, I do know it will always tick off just the right boxes on my shopping to-do list, since it's so highly curated to my family's needs. One more surprise? The refreshing discount I've gotten on all those products since they're part of my subscription service. 5. But if you don't like surprises, that's cool too. If, unlike me, you're the sort of mom who does like to know what she's getting into when she signs up for a subscription, you can follow 21 Bundles on Instagram to grab more information on each bundle. Or, you could email or call to get the 411 on what's en route. You can even order a la carte (or dare we say, extra?) at Healthiest.io, the parent company to 21 Bundles. *This post was sponsored by 21 Bundles. Want to try 21 Bundles? Use code WR30 to get 30% off your first box! SaveSave SaveSave