Giving birth is a once-in-a-lifetime experience—because no matter how many children you have, each birth will be different in its own way.

After you deliver your child and you’re holding that beautiful bundle in your arms, you may have a moment of thinking, How did this all happen? The whole process is crazy-awesome, but it requires a lot of focus, which means everything is sort of a blur by the end. That’s why capturing the experience on video can be so special.

Reliving this moment (the condensed, slightly edited version ?) is a gift unlike any other.

Here are 6 reasons to consider filming your baby’s birth.

Video by Lisa Serino of Next Level Films

1. Watching yourself in action is inspiring.

No matter how good or bad your self-esteem is—watching yourself in powerful-super-birth-goddess mode is nothing short of amazing. You will be impressed with yourself. You will want to climb into the screen and give yourself the biggest hug possible. You will cherish having this concrete visualization of how perfect that day was and how utterly fabulous you were.

2. Your child will thank you.

You’re creating a mini-movie to be able to show your child one day. It is a really cool way to document the beginning of your child’s life for them and for your family. You’ll love reliving that day and your child will love seeing how it all started. This generation’s whole life will be chronicled in some way—why not start from day one?

3. You can keep it private or share with loved ones.

So maybe you don’t want your mom, dad, mother-in-law, father-in-law, best friend, siblings, birth educator and grandma in the room with you while you’re pushing your baby out into the world. But one inconspicuous person who will blend into the background and keep quiet while you’re doing your thing and they’re capturing the moment? That could work. Then you’ll have the link to your video to share with whomever you’d like (or no one at all!).

4. Look back on how things were before baby.

One of the cool things about most birth videos today is that they truly are mini-movies. It’s not just the day of the baby’s birth that’s filmed—you sometimes get a sneak peek into your life before the baby comes and then another glimpse into your life at home after the baby is born.

The video gives you the chance to look back on how things were when it was just the two of you and see clearly what changed when you became a trio.

5. Dad, doula + doc already have designated roles.

Let’s be real—do you really want your husband behind the lens while your baby is taking his or her first breath in the world? Probably not. Do you want your doula recording instead of rubbing your back or holding a cold cloth on your head? We’re going with another no. Plus, are they going to set the perfect music to the scenes from the day and edit a lengthy experience into five minutes of perfection? We’re doubting it.

If recording your baby’s birth is important to you, leave it to the pros.

6. All your preferences will be thoroughly discussed beforehand.

Your videographer will ask you a bunch of questions about what you want in your video, what you definitely don’t want in your video, what angle you’d like her at, what you’re comfortable with, etc. Your videographer should be fully prepared to stay out of the way and respect your boundaries.

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