We’re celebrating space best way we know how to: brainstorming celestial and space-inspired baby names! Similar to other name themes, like Aquarius-inspired names, for example, there are so many opportunities for inspiration such as stars, planets, and constellations. Names that take after outer space can also be a bonding experience for you and your child with unique activities like finding the star or galaxy they’re named after in the sky.

When it comes to celestial-inspired names, the limit does not exist; but to help get you started, we’ve compiled a fun list of some of our favorite space-inspired names and their meanings.

Not many people can say they share the same name with a star or constellation. Consider naming your baby after one of the most beautiful features of the night sky.

Astra, Norma, Hercules, Aurora, Bellatrix, Archer, Nova, Danica, Atlas, Lyra, Orion, Leo, Phoenix and Aster are all names of stars or constellations.

Stella means “star” and is a name that’s trending right now. Elara is a moon of Jupiter.

Are you fascinated by the relationship between the ocean, moon, and sun? If your answer is yes, then you might like the names Luna, Esmeray, Apollo, Hurley, Beacon, Samson, Maren or Celena.

Luna is a direct translation of the word moon in Latin and Spanish, whereas the name Esmeray means “dark moon.” Celena—another way of spelling Selena—means “moon goddess.” For water-inspired names, Hurley means “sea tide” and Maren stands for “sea.” The names Beacon and Samson both symbolize the sun.

Apollo is another celestial-inspired name rich in Greek mythology and U.S. space exploration history. Apollo is the name of the NASA program that put the first humans on the moon.

Venus is gaining steam on the name charts. In addition to being named after a planet, your baby’s name would refer to the “Roman goddess of beauty and love,” and they would share their name with tennis legend Venus Williams.