From December 22 to January 19 is Capricorn season, and those born under this zodiac sign are described as highly motivated, responsible, disciplined, and family-focused. Capricorns are ruled by Saturn and their element is earth (like Taurus and Virgo), giving them all the force and wisdom to be the zodiac sign associated with practicality and grounding. Thanks to their ambitious personality, Capricorns make the best leaders and are able to make game-making decisions on the spot. The word “indecisive” is not in their vocabulary. 

Unfortunately, Capricorns often get a bad rap for the Devil being their tarot card. However, what many don’t know is that in a Capricorn’s world, the Devil symbolizes temptation because they’re always looking for the next milestone to hit or award to accomplish. While Capricorns are brave and steadfast in all that they do, they sometimes forget to look around and appreciate what’s in front of them. All they need is some extra loving and TLC from those around them.

Keep reading to see our list of Capricorn-themed baby names, including names inspired by celebrity Capricorns.

Names inspired by earth

  • Adam 
  • Axton 
  • Bart 
  • Demeter 
  • Doone 
  • Kaj
  • Montana 
  • Peta 
  • Rochester 
  • Tierra
  • Topanga 

Names inspired by Capicorn’s color, black

  • Cole 
  • Colton 
  • Darcy 
  • Delaney 
  • Donovan 
  • Douglas 
  • Duncan 
  • Ebony 
  • Kiera 
  • Kieran 
  • Melanie 
  • Sulllivan 
  • Tynan 

Names inspired by celebrity Capricorns 

  • Alison (Brie) 
  • Betty (White) 
  • Blue Ivy (Carter) 
  • Bradley (Cooper) 
  • Denzel (Washington) 
  • Diane (Keaton) 
  • Dolly (Parton) 
  • Gayle (King) 
  • January (Jones) 
  • John (Legend) 
  • Jordin (Sparks) 
  • Kate (Middleton)
  • Kit (Harington) 
  • Michelle (Obama) 
  • Nicolas (Cage) 
  • Nina (Dobrev) 
  • Regina (King) 
  • Seth (Meyers) 
  • Timothée (Chalamet)
  • Zayn (Malik) 

Names inspired by Capricorn traits 


  • Alaric
  • Duke 
  • Enzo 
  • Henry
  • Juno
  • Kingsley
  • Meredith
  • Orla
  • Rex
  • Sadie

    Self-control and will-power 

    • Archibald 
    • Bree 
    • Brian 
    • Bridget 
    • Drew
    • Everett 
    • Ezekiel 
    • Fergus 
    • Isa 
    • Temperance 

    Names inspired by Capicorn’s tarot card, the Devil 

    • Bernadette 
    • Bernard 
    • Ethan 
    • Harvey 
    • Kenzo
    • Matilda 
    • Merrick 
    • Valencia