It’s halfway through the year, and if you’re expecting a June baby, you’re at the end of your pregnancy and are getting ready to welcome a warm-weather newborn. Besides being a fun summer month, June babies are very special for many reasons. For instance, statistics show that June babies are most likely to win a Nobel Peace Prize.

It’s also thought that people born in the spring and summer months are most likely to exercise an upbeat and happy personality, aka Hyperthymic temperament. Therefore, even if your little June bug isn’t going to be up for a Nobel prize anytime soon, they may start making their kindness mark early, perhaps on the playground or at daycare.

These are just a few reasons that June babies are unique, and that’s why these 20 June baby names will help set the tone for your child’s future.

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Gender neutral June baby names:

Morgan: In honor of Morgan Freeman, who was born on June 1, this name is a great choice for any gender.

Alex or Alexandra: June’s birthstone is the gemstone Alexandrite, which could be shortened into the classic “Alex.”

Sky: June skies are clear and beautiful, making this a fun name for the month.

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Boy names for June:

Anderson: This strong name is a great choice; beloved broadcast journalist Anderson Cooper was born on June 3.

Mark: Yet another celebrity, Mark Wahlberg, celebrates his birthday in June.

Derek: Former Major League Baseball star Derek Jeter was born on June 26.

Dean: Superstar Dean Martin was born on June 7.

Samson: This name means “sun,” and can be shortened to Sam.

Ray: For your little June ray of sunshine.

Lou: Baseball legend Lou Gehrig was born on June 19.

Blake: Country crooner Blake Shelton is a June baby.

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Girl names for June:

Poppy: The term “June bloom” is real when it comes to all the flowers that come to life this month. Some of those flowers even have names that double as adorable little girl names, like Poppy.

Magnolia: Another flower-related moniker, Magnolia could shorten to the classic name Maggie, or Mag for short.

Dahlia: A name that has become more popular in recent years, Dahlia is yet another gorgeous flower that blooms in June.

Mindy: Pop culture—and The Office—fans love actress Mindy Kaling, who definitely possesses a sunny personality, and celebrates her birthday on June 24.

Gemma: Babies born between June 1st and June 21st are Geminis, so this name is a fun twist on the astrological sign.

Ariana: A beautiful and popular name has more meaning this month, seeing as how singer Ariana Grande was born on June 27.

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Rose: A classic name that is also June’s flower of the month.

June: A name that dates back decades is an ode to the month your little one was born.

Venus: Tennis pro Venus Williams celebrates her birthday on June 17.

A version of this story was published in 2021. It has been updated.