Any mama knows, it takes a village! That’s why we are looooving the tips our co-founder Kaity is sharing about how to build up your mama tribe in the workplace. Shocking statistics about childhood suicide rates, and tips on how to talk with your children about it. Plus, a painful conversation that is so important to have. It’s all here in our weekly links.

1. When we think of where we spend the most of our time, work probably tops the list. And for new moms, having a community of other working moms is essential. That’s why we’re swooning over this piece on WeWork from our very own #momboss, co-founder Kaity Velez, about how to build community in the workplace.

2. Isn’t coming up with a name for your baby the hardest?! I mean, they’re stuck with it for life. That’s a long time. If you’re one of those mamas who wants to make sure your kiddo isn’t the fourth Ashley or Brandon in class, the Social Security Department just released its list of most popular baby names from 2017. At the top: Emma and Liam.

3. Adulting is hard. Though many of us are still trying to figure out how to balance our budgets, now we’re starting to face the realities of teaching our children about money! This insightful piece from Mother Mag is full of tips and examples for how to help your little ones develop healthy attitudes about money.

4. Alarming statistics out this week about kids’ suicide rates. It’s not a very fun thing to talk about, but as the numbers take a sharp jump, it’s something that needs addressed. Middle schoolers in particular are vulnerable, and doctors urge parents to talk to their children often about feelings and about bullying at school. If you need help talking to your child about suicide, here are some great starting points.

5. The team at Pumpspotting is traveling the country in a 40-foot pumpsuite, exploring the state of breastfeeding in America. Their goal is to find the best ways to support breastfeeding mamas from California to New York, helping nursing moms meet their breastfeeding goals. The tour is starting this week in New York and we’ll be there. Join us onto the Breast Express?