Goodbye Aries season, and hello to all our beautiful Taurus babies! From April 20 to May 20, we’re in full Taurus mode, which means lots of gardening, cooking, crafting, and basically any other activity that involves a lot of hands-on work because as we know, Tauruses love reaping the fruits of their manual labor. Read on for 70+ Taurus baby names for babies born in April and May.

What are Taurus traits?

As an earth sign, Tauruses are known for being reliable, devoted, responsible, and stable; however, they can also be stubborn and a bit possessive. If you and a Taurus find yourselves in a tiff in regards to overstepping boundaries or spending quality time together, keep in mind, what may come across as possessive is probably just their way of showing you how much they adore spending time with you. Tauruses are patient beings, who appreciate well-grounded relationships.

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70+ Taurus baby names for your little earth sign

Names inspired by earth

1. Adam

Hebrew for “son of the red earth. “

2. Alaska

Native American for “great land.”

3. Avani

Hindi for “the good earth.”

4. Axton

English for “sword stone.”

5. Beaumont

French for “beautiful mountain.”

6. Dion

Greek origin meaning “child of heaven and earth.”

7. Gaia

Greek origin meaning “earth mother” and “rejoicing.”

8. Hermoine

Greek origin meaning “messenger” and “earthly.”

9. Hestia

Greek origin meaning “hearth” and “fireside.”

10. Miran

Slovene for “peace, world.”

11. Parvati

Sanskrit for “the daughter of the mountain.”

12. Seb

Egyptian for “God of the earth.”

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Names inspired by Taurus’ colors, green and pink

13. Amaranth

An herb with bright fuschia flowers.

14. Chloe

Greek for “young green shoot.”

15. Esmeralda

Spanish and Portuguese for emerald.

16. Fern

The name of an English plant.

17. Forest

French origin meaning “woodsman” or “woods.”

18. Fuchsia

Variation of the color pink.

19. Hunter

English for the “one who hunts.”

20. Jade

Precious green stone. In Spanish it refers to “stone of the side” and English it refers to “gemstone.”

21. Moss

Dense green plant.

22. Olive

Taken from the “olive tree.”

23. Oran

Aramaic origin meaning “light, song, little green one.”

24. Roosevelt

Dutch for “rose field.”

25. Rosamel

French and Spanish origins meaning “rose and honey.”

26. Silas

Latin for “of the forest” or “prayed for.”

27. Sylvia

Latin for “from the forest.”

Names inspired by Taurus celebrities

28. Adele

29. Al (Pacino)

30. Channing (Tatum)

31. Cher

32. David (Beckham)

33. Gabourey (Sidibe)

34. Gigi (Hadid)

35. Jamie (Dornan)

36. Janet (Jackson)

37. John (Cena)

38. JoJo (Siwa)

39. Kelly (Clarkson)

40. Kenan (Thompson)

41. Lizzo

42. Meek (Mill)

43. Miranda (Kerr)

44. Penélope (Cruz)

45. Rami (Malek)

46. Rosario (Dawson)

47. Travis (Scott)

48. Uma (Thurman)

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Names inspired by Taurus’ personality trait, patience

49. Axel

Scandinavian origin meaning “father of peace.”

50. Frederick

German for “peaceful ruler.”

51. Frida

German for “peace.”

52. Griselda

German folklore figure known for her patience and obedience.

53. Patience

The virtue of patience.

54. Sabri

Arabic for “patient.”

55. Subira

Swahili for “patient.”

56. Wilfred

English for “desires peace.”

Names inspired by Taurus’ tarot card, The Hierophant

57. Alethea

Greek for “truth.”

58. Amina

Arabic for “trustworthy” or “faithful.”

59. Caleb

Hebrew for “devotion to God.”

60. Dharma

Sanskrit for “truth.”

61. Emmet

Hebrew origin meaning “universal” or “truth.”

62. Faith

The virtue of faith.

63. Farouk

Arabic for “seer of truth.”

64. Fidel

Latin for “faithful.”

65. Imani

Arabic origin meaning “faith.”

66. Jupiter

Latin for “godfather.”

67. Lafayette

French for “faith.”

68. Satyana

Sanskrit for “truth.”

69. Tru

Variation of the word “true.” Diminutive of Truman which means “loyal one.”

70. Vera

Russian for “faith.”

71. Verity

Latin for “truth.”

A version of this story was published August 9, 2021. It has been updated.