The first few weeks after you find out you're pregnant are pure magic. You have a secret that only the first trimester VIPs know. Typically when you're sliding into second, you're ready to shout that baby news from the rooftop. Or, you know, your Instagram account.
And let's be honest—there's something about posting your pregnancy news on social media that makes it feel really real. We put together some of our favorite ways you can tell the world (or just your Facebook followers), “We did it! We made a baby!"

1. Create a sweet little flatlay.

2. Send a pea in a box. (No really, it's adorable.)

3. Take a picture that shows how happy big sis is. ?

4. Send grandma-to-be an engraved necklace.

5. Or a mug...

6. Make a “coming soon" onesie. #swoon ?

7. Or a cute T-shirt for mama.

8. Spell it out with a “baby makes 3" banner. ?

Photo via the Hawthorne Ave Etsy shop

9. Facebook it with a digital download for your cover photo.

10. Be cheeky about it— “Don't eat watermelon seeds."

11. Get it in the calendar.

12. Make a toast. ?