Ok, so if you’re over here reading Well Rounded NY, we can pretty much assume you know about the birds and bees, right? But just because sex can equal a baby doesn’t mean it always does. In fact, lots of us probably spent lots of years trying to make sure that it didn’t.

So now that you want that sex to equal a baby, how can you make it happen? Yes, there’s actually a strategy to it. Beyond, you know...just doing it. Below, fertility expert Angela Le, founder of Fifth Avenue Fertility Wellness, gives us 5 tips on how to have sex when you’re trying to get pregnant.

1. Detox your body. Avoid excessive alcohol and eliminate cigarette smoking all together. A growing number of research has linked excessive alcohol consumption with decreased fertility. Alcohol can impact hormone levels which may interfere with implantation. Drinking in moderation will unlikely affect your fertility. Cigarette smoking should be completely avoided. It can damage sperm and egg quality, interfere with implantation, as well as prematurely causing the ovaries to age.

2. Timing is everything. Make sure you are having sex during the fertile window that is the 6 days that end on the day of ovulation which usually occurs 14 days before the menstrual cycle. You can use an ovulation predictor kit, basal temperature charting and/or apps like iPeriod to determine fertile window. I would encourage couples to have frequent sex during this window. Every other day is sufficient, however if you are in the mood for more sex then definitely have it.

3. Lube up. Some lubricants may impact sperm function. This 2014 study showed that some lubricants could damage sperm motility. If you need a lubricant I would suggest a fertility friendly one, such as Yes Baby lubricant or Pre-Seed.

4. Position yourself. While there are no scientific studies regarding best positions for baby making, missionary (man on top) is generally considered the best position to conceive.

5. Stay put postcoital. I recommend laying with a small pillow under your hips for 10 to 15 minutes allowing for sperm to swim up through the cervix.

Now go out and get busy!

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