Pregnancy and motherhood can be a crazy ride, from day one. This week, we found a magazine that will tell you whether or not you’re pregnant (and no, it’s not Cosmo), stories of women raising their children in the toughest of circumstances, and the most cringe-worthy mom-shaming story of 2018 (it’s only been a week, come on people)--that, and more in this edition of weekly links.

IKEA's pregnancy test ad and more links we loved this week

1. Your favorite flatpack furniture giant, IKEA, has released a new ad for their SUNDVIK Crib, which reflects a hefty discount when you pee on it. Yes, pee. On the ad. It’s a functioning pregnancy test that, instead of giving you two lines, results in nearly 50% off a crib. It’s part of an edgy new advertising campaign called “Where Life Happens.” Don’t skip the trip to the drugstore yet, though--this pregnancy test catalog ad is currently only in Sweden.

2. In Chihuahua, it’s commonplace for women to keep their children with them in the prison until they turn four years old--over 2,000 children are currently being raised in prisons throughout the country. While this may seem unusual, the mothers and the guards report that the kids bring the best out of everyone and make the time fly. You can read the whole story here.

3. Mom-shaming hit a whole new level last week. A “well-meaning” friend planning a baby shower for her bestie went to Facebook to ask for some party planning advice. Her shower theme? “Don’t Circumcise.” Seriously? She got plenty of advice...just not the kind that she was expecting. Check out the best and worst of the comments here... and maybe just stick to the cute pawprint themes after this, ok lady?

4. Need a gift for a parent you know who’s had it up to here? Check out KinderPerfect, a Cards Against Humanity style game made just for parents. Originally funded on Kickstarter, this game lets you pick things that are oh-so-close to home, like guessing why you were late to school this morning or confessing the real reason Mommy drinks.

5. The Marvel Universe is about to bring the world to a full stop with the release of Black Panther, arguably the most anticipated superhero film in movie history. With the release date set for February 16th, one man in Harlem, Fredrick Joseph, raised over $35,000 to buy tickets for children to see the film. It’s not just an action flick--for Joseph, he stresses that “I want these children to be able to see that people that look like them can be superheroes, royalty and more."

Photo courtesy of Ad Week.