Hey, mama,

We see how hard you are working. You are making this huge transition into motherhood with grace, strength and style.

Even on the days it doesn't feel like it, you are absolutely rocking this.

That's why it is so important for you to get some real "take-care-of-me" time. We want to help you do just that. Click below to download your exclusive set of three guided meditation MP3s to help you thrive in the 4th trimester—and beyond.

Inhale confidence and exhale doubt. You've got this, mama. And we're here to help.

Bonding with baby:

Life can get busy, and finding special pockets of time to spend just loving on your baby can be tough. In the midst of everything you have to do, moments to just be seem few and far between.

And that's okay! But see if you can carve out just a few minutes with this easy and special ritual for you and your baby. You might just find that a few minutes is enough to turn your entire day around.

Having a bad moment:

Motherhood is a collection of moments—big ones, small ones, amazing ones… and not so great ones. This meditation is for those hard moments when you need a little extra support. Because mama, we have so been there.

My postpartum body:

Your body is different and forever-changed now that you are a mama. Getting to know the new you can feel awkward. How you feel about yourself is of course, up to you. But mama, we have to say, we think you are absolutely gorgeous.

Use this meditation to celebrate all that you are, and all that your body has done.