When you become a mama, it may feel like you’re using the word “balance” more than ever before. We’re all just trying to achieve that elusive balance when it comes to work, family time, relationship time, personal time, exercise, food choices... The list goes on.

For Daphne Oz, a multitasking mama of three, the secret is not to worry about achieving a perfect balance every. single. day. Instead, she just aims to find some big-picture equilibrium.

Oz shared this philosophy in a recent Instagram post, which follows some refreshingly candid comments about her fourth-trimester body and her laid-back approach to eating healthier.

“We had tons of family over, St. Patrick’s Day, and general celebration so I decided the way to make this work long term is to take 1-2 days off over the week,” Oz shares in her new post, where she details all the delectable treats she had.

“It was DIVINE. But it feels good to get back on track today, and also to have been able to take a breather and enjoy the things I love, too.”

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Oz went on to share her bottom line: “It’s about discovering your happy balance, and I find it’s easier to stick with a few very simple, very strict rules when I’m being ? and to really enjoy being ?, too.”

Although Oz was talking specifically about her eating plan, there is SO much in this that applies to life in general. Sometimes we’ve just got to truck through the challenges so that we can fully enjoy the fun moments.

That’s because, let’s be honest, few days feel perfectly balanced. Some seem like 90% work (both at work and at home) while others feel like everything falls naturally into place. And when you try to balance everything, every day, it’s probably just going to feel like a losing battle.

But when you aim for long-term success instead of perfect days it can make those times when everything seems so out of balance much easier to handle—and when you do get those perfect days they’re all the more enjoyable.

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