We know, we know… Child Passenger Safety Month is behind us, but it's never (ever) too late to keep your little one safe in the car -- whether you're gearing up for a quick commute to the grocery store or a road trip to visit grandma and grandpa.

The RAVA boasts literally all the features you dream of in a convertible car seat (and more): an all-steel frame and superior side impact protection; a no-rethread 5-point harness and 10-position headrest that you can easily maneuver with just one hand; laid back legroom; an infant head and body insert; and a breathable fabric that will keep your wee one comfortable throughout his rides. The list goes on of course, but what we love the most about the RAVA is how easy it is to install it.

Like its little sister, the infant carseat Pipa, the RAVA gives you peace of mind with a rock-solid installation that is hassle and muscle free. Nuna's Simply Secure system utilizes a belt tensioning plate that makes the installation a snap -- no need for all the tugging and pushing that's otherwise required with seat belt installations. Just open the True Tension door, route the seat belt through the rear-facing belt path, buckle it and click the door shut. It literally takes two minutes -- no wiggle, no fuss! And with the RAVA's level indicator, it's so easy to position your tiniest passenger at the perfect riding angle.

To top it all off, the RAVA can sit children from 5 to 65 pounds and allows for prolonged rear-facing (up to a whopping 50 pounds!). Its design is sleek and cushiony, keeping baby cozy without taking much space in the back. Plus, just like with Nuna's other products, you don't have to give up style for safety. With its 4 neutral colors, the RAVA is sure to blend in with your car's looks.