If you’re anything like us, when it comes to stocking baby’s nursery, you want something from there and there. And there. And there. While we’re not sticklers for etiquette, it feels kind of tacky to have like 10 baby shops on your shower invitation. We’d prefer to save our pregnancy gluttony for ice cream….and thanks to Babylist, we can.

Created by a mom -- Natalie Gordon -- who wanted a little something from a lot of places, Babylist is a master registry of stuff from all the stores you want to shop. With a browser button similar to Pinterest, you can throw stuff in your Babylist anytime you’re tooling online -- whether you’re perusing a massive baby store or an independent neighborhood boutique. The Babylist folks will even move over your current registries so you don’t have to worry about gift duplication -- score! So say goodbye to the super-store scanner (we know, it’s fun but…) and say hello to everything you really want for baby -- and mama.

Below, Gordon picks her 6 favorite registry items for a NYC mama-to-be.

Main image by Kristy May Photography.