First they solved the problem of keeping our coffee hot (the busy mom struggle is real) with their brilliant self-heating Ember mug. Now Ember is tackling another important parenthood problem: perfectly warming milk and formula with their Ember Baby Bottle System. (Mamas of finicky, impatient babes lean in. You’re going to want to hear about this.)

More than just a bottle warmer, the brand new Ember Baby Bottle System is designed to keep breast milk or formula cool until you need it, then heat it at the touch of a button using Ember’s patented temperature control technology. There’s no extra parts to fuss with, no need for water, and the warming process takes less than five minutes. Whether you’re feeding on-the-go or in need of a late night feeding solution that doesn’t require a zombie walk to the kitchen, this checks every box and then some.

If you’re not going to be feeding right away, just fill the bottle with cold milk or formula and slip it into the insulated cover. The sleek design, which also includes a smart warming puck, is compact enough to toss into your diaper bag or perch on your nightstand. When baby’s hungry simply place the bottle on the warming puck, then press the button to heat the milk to body temperature. Once it’s off the base, the milk or formula is immediately ready for baby to drink–and without hot spots!

Ember Baby On Nightstand
Ember Baby Bottle System, ready for transport with insulating thermal dome in place.

The system includes two 6 oz. BPA-free bottles which are ergonomically designed and dishwasher safe.

The base has LED lights that indicate when milk is warming and battery life, and the display can be customized with a variety of colors and animations.

All of that is revolutionary enough–but because we truly are living in the future, there’s more. The free app acts as a log to keep track of feedings, including amounts and session lengths which as any exhausted mama knows can be a total blur. You can even manually log those stats when you’re not using the bottle and breastfeeding instead. (Including time on each breast!)

Ember Baby Bottle System App
Ember app screens

Does it all come with a somewhat hefty price tag? Of course. The Ember Baby Bottle System retails for $399.95 which is no small investment. But if the mug is any indication, it’s pennies on the dollar when you consider the lifetime and convenience. Because if we never have to have a hungry impatient baby screaming in our face while we fumble to get it perfect, we’d pay double.

Ember Baby



Baby Bottle System

What’s included in the Ember Baby Bottle System:

  • 2 6oz baby bottles with level 1 nipples
  • Insulating thermal dome
  • Smart warming puck
  • Power adapter
  • 2 level 2 nipples
  • 2 level 3 nipples
  • Nipple adapter for Dr. Browns wide neck nipples
  • Nipple adapter for Philips Avent natural nipples