As a mom of three kids, anything that makes a busy, exhausted mother’s life easier is a win in my book—because I’ve been there. I’ve carted my babies all over the country, on road trips, on airplanes… and we’ve slept at Grandma’s and in hotels and at our adult sibling’s houses in guest rooms and on living room couches. So whether it’s the best travel crib or the best baby carrier for walking the streets of Disney, I know, first hand, how valuable it is to have somewhere safe and comfortable for baby to sleep both at home and away. That’s why a portable bassinet is one of the smartest investments parents can make.

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Because think about it—it’s not just traveling that you’ll use it for. You can take your portable bassinet to the park, to an afternoon at a friend’s house or in the backyard while your older kids play. Carry it with you from room to room in your own house while you deep clean or bring it with you when you finally get a chance to try that postpartum barre workout you’ve been hearing about. I can even remember attending a Super Bowl party years ago when my third child was a baby and we carted our giant pack and play with us, just so he could nap sometime during the day. A portable bassinet would have been far easier to bring along!

Also, a portable bassinet is a great buy to store at Grandma’s house, or your regular babysitter’s house, or to keep right by your bedside for those nighttime feedings during the newborn breastfeeding stage. It’s just one of things that maybe you didn’t think you needed, but once you have it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. However, like with any baby product, there are endless choices out there, so we rounded up our top 7 and we’re confident at least one of these will fit your needs.

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Motherly’s top picks for the best portable bassinet

DockATot Kind Essential Bassinet



Kind Essential Bassinet – Blush Bee

Why we love it: I mean, just look at it! There’s no bassinet like the DockATot—in style and sustainability. This beautiful baby bed (that comes in 8 colors and patterns!) is made from responsibly harvested cardboard, so when baby has grown out of it, you simply remove the mattress and recycle! The simple construction means it sets up in literal seconds and when you need to take it with you, it can fold flat and even be stashed in your luggage. It’s designed for use up to 20 pounds or when your babe begins pushing up on hands and knees. For most, it’s useful in those few early months. And not only is it made from responsibly harvested materials, it’s also completely recyclable and for every bassinet sold, a tree is planted.

Reviews say: “We love the DockATot. The fabric is breathable and high quality. Also the design is beautiful. Lovely colors and print. Our baby loves lounging in his DockATot and we will definitely bring it with us when we travel.” – Amelia A.

Fisher-Price portable baby dome



Portable Baby Dome

Why we love it: Perhaps one of the most ubiquitous portable bassinets out there, The Portable Baby Dome from Fisher-Price is a longtime favorite among moms. The 2-in-1 design offers more than just a sleep space—it’s a safe play area for indoors and out! Along with a UPF canopy to protect baby from the sun’s rays and netting to keep annoying bugs out, many parents cite this one as a total lifesaver. Attach toys to the canopy for playtime and when it’s time to pack it up, it folds flat and has a convenient handle for transport.

Reviews say:Very Happy beach baby… I love this item! we have gone to the beach, and used at my MIL home as a crib/sleeper, weekend get away, for my NB. It’s much smaller than a pack and play, and easier to set up, and collapsed it take up minimal space in the car. Highly recommend!” – Rosemari

pbk HALO BassiNest Flex Portable Bassinet

Pottery Barn Kids


HALO® BassiNest Flex Portable Bassinet

Why we love it: The HALO® BassiNest Flex Portable Bassinet has bedside features that set it apart from the rest, including a patented lowering bedside wall, which is super helpful for moms who breastfeed or are recovering from a C-section. It’s also one of the only designs that can actually fit over your bed allowing your baby to safely bed share. The easy-to-assemble design can also be used all around the house and is incredibly lightweight. For travel, it packs nice and flat into its own carry bag.

Reviews say: “I love this bassinet! It is the same as the more expensive versions except for the legs which I actually prefer like this bc the X shaped legs are a tripping hazard in the middle of the night. For how short of time you actually need a bassinet, this is perfect! I also love the height. It is the tallest one I could find and it works so well changing diapers without having to bend over!” – Sarah

Guava Lotus Bassinet and Travel Crib

Guava Family


Lotus Bassinet Kit & Travel Crib

Why we love it: Generally, the downside of a portable bassinet is how quickly your little one outgrows it. That’s not at all the case with The Lotus Bassinet and Travel Crib from Guava Family. The innovative 2-in-1 design offers far more than just one option for baby, making the investment worth it. Once baby is over 18 pounds, you can convert the travel bassinet to the crib in just five minutes—and you still have a great portable option that is safe for your growing child.

Reviews say: “I bought this for my grandson. The bassinet folds up into a nice size carry case. It is separate from the crib portion which is really nice as you don’t have to take the entire crib with you when all you need is the bassinet portion.” – Cari R.

Boppy Bassinet




Why we love it: The modern minimalist design of the Boppy Bassinet makes it as nice to look at as it is to use. With its breathable mesh sides that keep your little one in sight (and vice versa) as well as a sturdy folding frame, it’s ideal for naps as well as nighttime sleeps. It sits low (lower than most beds), so if you’re looking for a bedside option, this isn’t it. However, the low center of gravity gives it plenty of protection from pets and siblings who may bump into it. The mattress is completely wipeable and it even comes with two mattress covers. For transport it easily packs flat with no need to disassemble.

Reviews say: “I love the look of this bassinet. It is SO easy to move around – room to room or house to house. Despite its portability, it is very attractive (wood frame with nice light gray covering) and is plenty nice enough to stay fixed in one room. This is the only super-portable bassinet that I’ve ever felt actually LOOKS nice too. Quality is excellent. HIGHLY recommend as a new-parent gift if you want something that will be functional AND look good too!”–Rachel L.

Munchkin Brica Travel Bassinet



Brica® Travel Pod

Why we love it: From the living room floor to a picnic in the park, the The Brica® Travel Pod may be the most versatile and adventure-ready option on our list. The simple design, which features breathable mesh panels and a locking steel frame offers the ultimate combo of lightweight portability but also comfort and safety for baby. It’s meant for use until they can push up on their hands and knees, but for families who spend lots of time out and about, it’s indispensable for those first few months. And, it folds flat and weighs less than 3 lbs!

Reviews say: “I initially bought this in lieu of a changing table for my kiddo because I could fold it up and take it anywhere. While I have used it for that purpose, I also lay my kiddo in it when I’m doing chores around the house and I don’t want to leave them in their crib. We’ve taken it to the in-laws house during family gatherings so kiddo can nap while we eat or socialize.When the weather gets a bit better, I plan to use it when we go on picnics or to the park. Kiddo loves sleeping in it.” – Keana


Chicco Portable Bassinet



LullaGo Nest Portable Bassinet

Why we love it: For one, this top-selling portable bassinet comes from a parenting brand we all know and love. But also, it’s a simple, practical baby bed that has everything you need—breathable mesh side panels (with storage!), an adjustable canopy with hanging toys that blocks the sun, and it’s easy to fold up and carry out. The set up is easy and the fabrics can all be zipped off and machine-washed as needed. (The spit up is real.) It also comes with a fold-flat carry bag for travel.

Reviews say: “We love this bassinet! We had one bought for us when we had our son (2019) and loved it so much we bought another for our daughter (2021). We have a large family and friend group. We travel a lot to see them, this bassinet is perfect for travel. We use changing pad covers as sheets for the mattress pad. The sun shade is perfect for blocking out light during naps.” – AFergie

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