It goes without saying -- deciding on the stroller that you will get for your little one can be a bit overwhelming. It's a big-ticket item; there are so many options to choose from; and it will be with you and your bundle through the toddler years. It really does feel like there's little room for error. Well, what if we told you that there's a new stroller on the market that basically has it all? A full-size stroller that's easy to maneuver, that grows with baby AND that's actually reasonably priced... "Who makes this triple threat of a stroller?," you ask. Ergobaby.

That's right -- Ergobaby, which is known for its ergonomic and versatile baby carriers, recently launched their 180 reversible stroller; and as a person who's depended and loved the brand's carriers for a while (first as a nanny, and now as a mom), I had a feeling that it wouldn't disappoint.

Here are 8 reasons why we're crushing on Ergobaby's 180 stroller.

1. It's reversible! When taking your newborn for a stroll, you'll want him facing you. But once your little one gets a bit older, he'll want to face the world. The 180 gives you the option of both -- without having to remove the entire seat! With a quick flip of the handlebar, baby goes from facing you to facing the world in mere seconds. Game changer!

2. The compact fold. My clients often request a stroller that is full featured and has a compact fold. Until now, that has been a tall order to fill, but thanks to the Ergobaby 180 reversible stroller, you can now have your cake and eat it too. Because who wouldn't want a stroller with a roomy basket you can fill to the brim but then easily fold and stash away once you're home?

3. A one-handed fold. Not only compact once it's folded, the Ergobaby 180 is seriously easy to fold. One quick tug and voila, the stroller collapses in half and stands when folded. A one-handed fold is key to navigating everything from city streets to the mall parking lot because as you'll quickly learn, holding baby on one hip while collapsing your stroller with the other makes life easier.

4. It's lightweight. While Ergobaby's stroller will by no means replace your umbrella stroller, it only weighs 20 pounds, which is great for a stroller with so many features. It works for the mom hauling a stroller in and out of her trunk as well as the mom carrying it up and down subway stairs. Not to mention, it makes for a great option for families who prefer to travel with a full-sized stroller but also want something compact and lightweight.

5. The HUGE sun canopy. Last summer, I sort of panicked every time I took my baby outside because I was petrified the canopy on my stroller wouldn't keep her protected from the sun. While a first-time mom's nerves can be partially to blame, the truth is, a bigger canopy equals better protection, period. Additionally it's styled with breathable mesh paneling for keeping baby cool on hot summer days.

6. The wheels swivel. With its four independent swivel wheels, the new stroller glides -- truly glides. If you've ever had trouble navigating the tight corners of the grocery store, you'll appreciate this set of wheels! And if you're hitting the pavement or park, simply lock the back wheels for a steadier ride.

7. It's newborn ready. The Ergobaby 180 can be used from the day you bring your little one home from the hospital. You have two options; use the Graco or Chicco car seat adaptors to create a travel system or simply use the Ergo Comfort Cushion, which lays directly on the reclined seat to keep baby supported. In fact, because this cushion was designed by Ergo, it provides ergonomic comfort and keeps baby's legs in that all-important M position.

8. It's affordable. Full-size strollers often come at a steep price. But the 180 reversible stroller retails at $399.99 only! Considering that this pram is the only set of wheels you'll need to get on the move with your babe, it's a pretty good deal!

Shop the stroller here, $399.99.