We often get so lost in the whirlwind of parenthood that we forget to stop and show appreciation for those who help to keep us lifted and balanced through it all. But right now, I want to extend a babysitter thank you note to all the selfless sitters who have dedicated their time (and love) to our kids.

We’ve heard the saying It takes a village to raise a child” time and time again. And that’s because the support and willingness of the community around us most certainly does play a central role in the upbringing of our kids. So here is a little babysitter appreciation for those special people in our lives who have a hand in caring for our little ones.

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From early mornings to long days to late nights, you all have been there in times of need. Your work makes this thing called parenthood much more manageable. Though sometimes overlooked or minimized, the work that you all willingly do is monumental—and not only does it make a huge imprint in our (the parents’) lives, but also in our kids’ lives (and not to mention our hearts as well). 

You all bring stability to our homes and have been a true gift as we find our footing in the midst of sleepless nights, work meetings, lengthy to-do lists and extracurricular activities. 

You all step up in ways that are unimaginable, and you pick up where we perhaps (though unintentionally) fall behind. While we, as parents, have so much to juggle, you all devote your time and energy specifically to the care of our children—and we couldn’t thank you enough.

You are an anchor and an important part of our village. 

When you willingly step in to look after our little ones, you allow us the space and time to pour back into ourselves so that we can be the best parents we can be—the kind that gives from fullness instead of trying to pour from an empty cup.

You also allow us to remember that even though our kids are a central part of our identity, they are not the entirety of it. So those nights out that we can hang up the title of “mommy” or “daddy” for just a couple hours and go be a spouse, a friend, a coworker or any other version of ourselves truly helps to restore us—perhaps more than you’ll ever know.

We have entrusted you with the well-being of our kids, and you have gone above and beyond for them. You’ve become another special person that they cherish and look up to.

Not only do you take your responsibility for our children seriously when under your supervision, but you go out of your way to show them attention and create fun and meaningful memories for them—like movie nights, games of hide and seek around the house or simple craft activities. 

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Every moment when you send us a photo or a video to reassure us that they are safe, sound and loved helps us bear the grief (and guilt) that we often carry over being away.

We know that our little ones appreciate you just as much as we do. So for a moment, we just wanted to extend our gratitude to gives thanks to our babysitters.

To the babysitters who have shown up when we needed a few hours to shower and tend to other things around the house—thank you.

To the babysitters who have canceled their plans so that our own wouldn’t fall through—thank you.

To the babysitters who have encouraged us to have a night out even when we refused—thank you.

To the babysitters who have answered our pleas for help and shown up without hesitation—thank you.

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Whether you’ve come into our lives by familial or peer association, referral or simple happenstance, one thing remains constant: You are an anchor and an important part of our village

There are times when we forget to show our babysitter appreciation. There are times when we take their presence for granted. There are times when we are oblivious to the important role of babysitters. There are times when we don’t realize how big of an impact they’ve made in our kids’ (and our own) lives.

But then there are times when we take a step back and become overwhelmed with gratitude by just how much they dedicate—and also sacrifice—to be a meaningful part of our world.

So to all the sitters who have selflessly stepped up in times of need—no matter your age, no matter if you have kids of your own or not, no matter if you’ve only babysat one time or many—please take this babysitter thank you note as a token of appreciation. You are appreciated so much more than you’ll ever know.

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