Community & Friendship

Friends, coworkers, neighbors: Motherly can help you navigate the community that supports you with advice and essays from real mamas.

Community & Friendship

My son’s first childhood friend moved away and I was the one to grieve

And though he might not remember the magic of his first real friendship, I would.

Community & Friendship

I miss the village of motherhood I never got to experience

I am not alone and, yet, I feel so utterly lonely and isolated.

Women's Health

It takes a village… but who should be in yours?

When it comes to building your postpartum care team, it’s hard to know where to start. Here’s a good roster.

Community & Friendship

Making—and keeping—mom friends is easier than you think, say Cat & Nat

You might just need to tweak your definition of friendship.

Community & Friendship

Online mom groups aren’t the ‘village’ we need them to be

Negative experiences on social media stress us out—so why do we continue to search for solace in groups overflowing with toxicity?

Miscarriage & Loss

How to support someone who had a miscarriage

A midwife shares 5 ways to show up for your loved ones.

Season 13

Momtourage podcast hosts Ashley Hearon-Smith & Keri Setaro on how to make mom friends

“Connection is the reason why we're here on the planet.”

Community & Friendship

To all the babysitters who dedicate their time (and love) to our children

From early mornings to long days to late nights, you all have been there in times of need.

Community & Friendship

I’m the friend who had kids first. Here’s what I wish my other friends had known

Understand that your mama friend still needs you.

Community & Friendship

Toxic online mom culture is so draining—here’s how to keep your feed healthy for YOU

Understanding that not every mom you come across is going to support your choices will make it easier for you to take those mean comments as a grain of salt and keep it moving.

Community & Friendship

Putting myself out there to make mom friends was hard, but so worth it

I needed women who were going through the same experiences, joys and challenges that I was. I craved connection, validation and support.