Nurturing your relationship is so important in any marriage, and it’s imperative for parents. On a day-to-day basis we’re so caught up in the needs of our children that it can be difficult to pull back and be mindful of the ever-growing bond we have with our partner. There’s just no time! Enter: an annual marriage meeting.

Sharla and Robert Snow, hosts of the “Master Your Marriage” podcast, recently shared the concept of an annual marriage meeting on Instagram and detailed what it might look like. (Bonus: it’s a good excuse to have an adults-only weekend with your spouse!)

During the weekend away (or wherever you can hold your ‘marriage meeting), you and your partner can spend uninterrupted quality time with each other to stoke the flame of your relationship. For the Snows, this looks like “New lingerie, love notes, adventure, celebrating wins, aligning values, goal setting, calendaring big events,” but yours might look different. The goal is to feel refreshed and empowered in your marriage; make sure you’re on the same page with big-picture ideas and values; plan the year ahead; and most importantly, have fun and enjoy your spouse.

Like any relationship, different concepts work for different people, and the comments on this reel prove that with their divisiveness. 

“If we turn marriage into work meetings I’m quitting,” wrote one commenter—a sentiment many agreed with.

On the other side, a soon-to-be mother of three expressed the importance of having meetings with your significant other. “I’m currently in my 5th year of marriage. 1 toddler and twins on the way,” she wrote. “When we [found] that [there] were not 1 but two babies on board we had to schedule an emergency meeting. It took out all of my anxiety and [assured] me we were OK. Marriage is partnership, friendship and empathy. Money, goals and projects must be discussed seriously and with confidence.”

If an annual marriage meeting doesn’t sound like something that would work in your relationship but you want to ensure you and your partner stay on the same page, you might consider setting a list of agreements for each of you to keep in mind.

No matter what method works best for your relationship, communication and kindness are key. Raising children is tough during the best of times, and teamwork will not only make your marriage stronger, it’ll make your family unit stronger, too.