Odds are, you already know the miracle of the swaddle blanket. From promoting longer, sounder sleep to helping calm your fussy newborn baby (!), there are plenty of reasons to get your wrap on. And since they introduced the first muslin version in the States in 2006, aden + anais has been one of our favorite swaddle producers. Which is why we were so thrilled to learn about their new aden + anais white label collection, packed with fashion-forward prints available exclusively in boutiques and select specialty stores.

These blankets can do it all, so we’re sharing our 5 favorite ways to use your aden + anais white label collection muslin swaddle blankets that are also going to look amazing in your Instagram feed—

1. As a playmat

We get it; it’s a messy world out there. Instead of resting your newborn on just any old surface, an aden + anais swaddle can create a perfectly soft landing place—indoors or outdoors. Plus, each blanket is almost 4-feet-by-4-feet, meaning your budding crawler will have plenty of room to wiggle.

2. As a nursing cover

For moments when you and your little one want a little privacy, your swaddle blanket can be the perfect shield. The cozy fabric keeps you both feeling secure, and the breathable muslin keeps your baby from overheating during lunch time.

3. As a scarf for mama

What, did you think only babies can benefit from a swaddle now and then? The new aden + anais white label collection designs are chic enough to add a whimsical vibe to any outfit. Plus, you’ll always be ready for a quick nursing session no matter where your travels take you.

4. As a stroller cover

Whether you’re tucking in little toes for a quick jaunt through nippy weather or shielding that sensitive skin from the sun during summer walkers, the aden + anais white label collection muslin blanket is breathable enough to make any stroller ride more comfortable.

5. As a burp cloth—or emergency bib

We love babies, but even we know they can be gross sometimes. But when you can toss one of these swaddles over your shoulder to protect you from messes? And they’re so washable, that we’ve even been known to use them when out and in need of an emergency bib. Even spit-up and pureed peas looks a little cuter.