We've all been there: you're served an ad on Instagram while mindlessly scrolling for the 11th hour of the day and for some reason you click on it. Then, that ad follows you around the entire internet to the point where all you see is that one product that you may have intentionally, or accidentally, clicked on. Everywhere. It follows.

It happened to me with Arq . Suddenly, this simple undies brand, designed for every body, was the only thing I saw. Intrigued once more, I clicked on an ad and decided to give them a try. You see, after birthing three babies (two of which are twins) my body is very different from where it was even a couple of months ago. I'm also a low-key hoarder and have undies that, well, I shouldn't have anymore. I've tried to let go of things that once looked good on me, or once looked good period (not actual period, for that I have period undies, which is like a whole different conversation). Also, because I have three kids, I'm looking for simplicity in my life. Sure, leopard print bras from Victoria's Secret were a thing once, but when you can't match any of your underwear and feel like you are suddenly stuck both in college years but also full-on adulthood, it can get frustrating.

I had tried an overhaul of my undies drawer a couple of years ago. I bought black, white and gray underwear from Calvin Klein at an insanely discounted price (go salvage stores, go!) and while those did the trick for a while, they felt very plain and very not me. After all, my favorite color is rainbow and I wear leopard print un-ironically.

So back to Arq , they caught my eye because the undies are all high rise, a trend I've been embracing more and more after having children. Also, they are made for real bodies and not catwalk ones. All the reviews online were just glorious and the colors are beautiful, why not? I thought and placed my first order of animal print undies and a tank.

And reader, they did not disappoint.

After wearing them day in and day out I realized I needed more pairs because the laundry situation was ridiculous. So I got more pairs in checkered, and purple and green and black and... well you get it. The undies beautifully hug my body, providing support that's not constraining. It adds a layer for cold days so your belly isn't exposed when you pick up your kiddo from the floor, and in the summer you can wear them to hang around the house without being afraid of revealing anything you don't want to. The tank is perfect to wear alone with jeans, under a button-up shirt or even to sleep. Again, it's perfect for cold weather as a layer, or warm days as a garment by itself. And what's even more awesome is that they carry children's pieces as well, so you and your little one (regardless of age and gender) can be matchy-matchy.

Honestly, I never expected for one of those annoying ads to turn into such a loved item in my everyday life. But these undies make me look forward to the morning, putting them on, putting on clothes, and knowing I'll be comfortable in whichever situation my children get me into.Try them, you'll love them.

High-rise undies

These run from XS to 3X and come in 11 different colors.

Crop tank

These run from XS to 3X and come in 12 different colors.

Wide-strap bra

These run from XS to XL and come in 11 different colors.

Baby bloomer

These run from 0-3m to 18-24m.

Child undies

These frun from 2-3T to 6-7.

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