One of the most beautiful aspects of Hanukkah is the plethora of traditions that come with it—even if 2020 means that those traditions need to be altered a bit. For some families, there's a menorah that has been in the family for generations. For others, it's the BEST latke recipe. And then, of course, there's the music, the games, the lights—it really is magical.

If gifts are a part of your traditions—whether it's one for the week or one each night—it can feel both special, and a little stressful to get it all organized. But we've got you!

This year, Hanukkah starts on December 10th and we've got your ultimate Hanukkah gift list so you can breeze through shopping, and spend time enjoying the Festival of Lights!

Here are our favorite gifts for Hanukkah 2020:

Dough Parlour

dough parlor

This handcrafted, non-toxic dough is the sweetest we've seen (it even smells good, too!). The super cool rocket themed cutters will provide hours of entertainment for your budding astronaut.


Codi Story Teller

story telling robot

Codi is a robot storyteller—and an adorable one, at that. Designed for children as young as 12 months, he can tell your child 130 different stories, play 100 songs, and even encourage them to brush their teeth. Saved stories and songs can be played even when he's not connected to Wifi, and you can control everything from your phone.


Zip-up hoodie

tiger hoodie

Keep them warm with this cozy sweatshirt that folds into itself to become a stuffed animal! They are super soft and made from ethically sourced, premium non-allergenic materials. And how cute are those ears on the hood? (Psst: Tigers not really their thing? No problem! Cub Coats sweatshirts come in a variety of colors and animal styles, so you'll be sure to find their new sweatshirt-buddy.)


My First Menorah


Start the festivities off by giving them their very own menorah to "light"—with none of the stress of actual candles. Your child simply rotates the wooden cube, and another candle is "lit."


Build-a-Story Cards

build a story cards

I love everything that Barefoot Books publishes, and these cards are no exception. Designed for children age 3 to 10, these illustrated cards allow your child to piece together a story about community helpers like firefighters and superheroes. Educational, fun and inspirational, this deck of cards does it all.


Slip-on shoes

slip on shoes baby

For the littlest children, we love these sweet slip-on booties. Made of antiperspirant fabric, they'll keep your child comfortable for hours as they hone their walking skills in shoes designed to support their developing feet.


Mosaic puzzle

mosaic puzzle

This gorgeous puzzle is made of 26 pieces of beautifully crafted wood. The geometric pieces can be put together in endless ways, making this the perfect toy for a winter spent safe and at home. It's also perfectly-sized for on-the-go entertainment.


​'The Story of Hanukkah'

kids hanukkah book

Retelling the amazing Hanukkah story is so important—and so fun! This beautifully illustrated book will capture the attention of everyone in the family, and will be sure to be part of your yearly traditions.




The kids' dreidel kit comes with everything you need for an evening of fun playing this historic and delightful game—dreidel, coins and a carrying case to keep it all together. Its BPA-free wood makes it an instant heirloom-quality piece you'll treasure for years to come.


Camping memory game

memory game

We are all feeling the pull to a simpler existence right now. That's why we are loving nostalgic games that inspire imagination and togetherness. This memory game will be so fun to play, they won't notice that they're practicing their hand-eye coordination while doing some serious brain development. You might just find yourself getting swept up in the fun, too.


​Mini doll suitcase

doll suitcase

This is the sweetest little doll—and she can go with your little one anywhere they go! Her suitcase doubles as a bed (complete with pillow). She's expertly crafted and perfectly adorable.


​Yoga mat

kids yoga mat

This bright and cheery yoga mat will inspire your little one to find their calm and flexibility—maybe right alongside you! It's made specifically for children age 3 to 10, so they'll fit perfectly (and be able to carry it on their own, too).


Air fort

air fort

The Air Fort inflates in just 30 seconds—no building required—but it will entertain them for hours and hours. All you need is an air fan to get it going. Think of all the creativity and magic that will happen in this air fort. 2020, you've met your match.


‘The Boy Who Grew Flowers’

boy who grew flowers

It takes a lot for a children's book to make me cry—and this one did it. The Boy Who Grew Flowers is a beautiful story about kindness, friendship and love that will leave you feeling all warm inside.


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