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We know there's a lot when it comes to motherhood, whether that's balancing the mental load of it all or readjusting finances to make new ends meet. That's why we worked with some of the top brands to bring you special discounts and deals on products we know you'll use and love.

We frequently update this page with some of the best deals for you, mama, so bookmark it and be sure to check back!

Deal Alert: The Snoo is 35% off... but only for a few more days!


If you're panicking about the lack of sleep that comes with having a newborn... well, the hype is real. You're going to be very, very tired. The Snoo is here to help with this whole conundrum. The "smart" bassinet from Dr. Harvey Karp (a.k.a. the author of the renowned The Happiest Baby on the Block ) is designed to boost infant sleep by listening to baby and responding to fussing/crying with a gentle swaying motion. And it works! The downside to this magical parenting tool is the price... which brings us to today's deal alert. Now through July 4 you can purchase the Snoo with a 35% discount. Believe us when we say it's worth it.


Deal Alert! Get 50% off your first month of KiwiCo Crates


The summer brain drain is a real thing, mamas, and KiwiCo is one of your best bets when it comes to keeping your kids' engaged, curious and tinkering. The brand's STEAM-focused monthly crates—which encourage kids to solve problems and become creative and critical thinkers—are jam-packed with fun materials for anyone between the age of 0 and 104. Yes, really! And right now take 50% off your first month's subscription with code FLAG. More to love? More discounts! Get up to 30% off KiwiCo's store, and get an additional 15% off your purchase with code EXTRA15.


Deal alert: Boden has 50% off mama + kids swimsuits right now

If you're looking for a quality swimwear this summer, we feel pretty strongly that Boden is one of the best brands you can buy for the whole family. We love their super-flattering one-piece suits for mamas , and the kiddo offerings are equally amazing—hand-me-down quality that can last for multiple seasons. Which is why we're doing a happy dance that nearly everything on the site is up to 50% off right now. We're encouraging to virtually run (not walk) to this amazing sale.


Deal alert: Hanna Andersson's famous pajamas are 60% off right now

Hanna Andersson 60% Off Sale

Long-known for making some of the best pajamas out there, Hanna Andersson's product is a tough pill for a lot of parents to swallow for one big reason: price! Paying $40 for one pair of pajamas is hard to justify, which is why we're kind of freaking out over this major 60% off sale that is happening right now. Be sure to check out deals on their family pajamas, and clothes for boys, girls, toddlers and babies, too.


Primary's summer sale is happening 'til supplies run out

Primary Summer Sale

Summer is here and one of our favorite kids clothing brands is celebrating the new season with a major sale. Not familiar with the brand? Here's why we love it: You'll find nary a logo or sparkle on Primary's offerings, which range from bathing suits to dresses to sweatpants for boys and girls ages infant up to 12 year old.


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