There's a lot on a mama's to-do list, from running around with the kids to managing her mental load. That's why we love subscription services that do the remembering for us... because mom brain is real.

There are so many on the market that'll fit just about anything you need. Maybe it's a recurring option so you never run out of your household goods—or coffee—or it's toys that streamline your little's learning during the first year. Or, you just want to treat yourself to a little goodie each month.

Whatever you're looking for, here are some of our favorite subscription boxes for moms and kids:


Lovevery The Play Kits

Sure, it seems like you could just gaze at your newborn all day—but sometimes it’s nice to mix it up. With toys tailored to the development of children from the age of zero up to three, the subscription boxes from Loevery help integrate Montessori-style learning into the home through a series of gradually advancing toys.

Not only are the items premium quality, but they are also thoughtfully selected to stimulate your child’s development. Win-win. Age 0-12 months, $80 per box delivered every two months, Age 1-3, $120 per box delivered every three months.



If you’re looking to put a dash of sexy (and cozy!) into your month, Wantable has you covered. Just take their quick style quiz to tell your stylist a little about your tastes and they’ll ship out a mix of seven hand-picked bras, jammies, undies, loungewear and slinky underthings from brands you already know and love like Free People and Z Supply. Ship back what you don’t love (chances are those things will be few and far between!) and only pay for what you keep. Victoria’s Secret? Never met her.



From better sleep and more focus to a general feeling of relaxation and calm, many women swear by CBD. If you’re CBD-curious or (already converted!) Equilibria has you covered. The women-owned company offers everything from delicious gummies to mineral soaks along with educational support to help you determine your perfect dose—like with a real, actual human. Each purchase includes a complimentary appointment to answer all your questions and build a routine that works. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Prices vary starting at $36 and subscriptions will save you 20%.


Love and XO Julia

If the past couple years have taught us anything, it’s that self care isn’t optional–it’s imperative. And not just for adults. Kids, especially tweens and teens who are beginning their own hormonal battles need support and guidance to start routines that make them feel cared for. Founded in November of 2020 by Stacia Truax and Megan Moran, after Stacia noticed a lack of clean and appropriate beauty and wellness products for her own daughters, Love and XO Julia curates monthly boxes of fun, high-quality products and accessories from clean and well-respected brands. Each and every product is hand-picked with tweens and teens in mind and never formulated with parabens, SLS or phthalates. And don’t tell your kid I told you to do this, but you might want to steal something out of each box for yourself. What they don’t know won’t hurt them, right?


Stitch Fix Kids

Kids grow out of clothes so fast so instead of running to the store to purchase new items every few months, Stitch Fix sends 8-12 handpicked items to try. Tell them about your kids’ personality, style and budget, then get your box automatically based on your preference (every 2-3 weeks, monthly, every three months, etc.) or simply choose whenever you need a fix, no membership required. Pay for what you like and then send back the rest—your $20 styling fee per box is put towards any purchases! Items are typically $10-$35.



While you might want to devour a good book, finding the time to sit down and have a few minutes of quiet isn’t always possible. That’s why we’re obsessed with Audible, a service by Amazon that lets you download audiobooks and listen to them anywhere—in the carpool line, during a workout, while you’re in the shower.

Each month you’ll get a new credit that can be used towards an endless array of options. Use this link to score two free audiobooks with a trial, $14.95 per month after.



While this one isn’t technically its own subscription service, it’s pretty similar. The smart container stores your favorite coffee and once you connect it to your Wi-Fi, it begins to update product levels.

Simply link to a consumable (we love using Amazon) and it will automatically reorder it when supplies run low. No more morning panic that there’s no coffee left or having to remember to add to your cart.


Happy Legs Club

If you always seem to forget to pick up new razors, Happy Legs Club is there to help. You’ll get to select from one of their premium razors, select your ideal delivery schedule, and never have to add ‘razors’ to your shopping list again. Plus, we love the free shipping! Starting at $12 a cycle.


Little Feminist Book Club

For the littles in your life, this book club membership will give them something to look forward to each month. Each box features one or two books about strong female characters and/or people of color, hand-selected by a team of teachers, librarians and parents. Then you get various activities that encourage kids to explore and guide conversations.


Raddish Kids

With Raddish Kids, the all-ages cooking club, each month’s themed box contains three recipe guides and culinary skill lessons, grocery list, quality kitchen tool, creative kitchen project, a colorful apron patch and four table talk cards (great for getting a conversation going around the dinner table). They also offer free “bonus bites” on the website with things like extra recipes and playlists to inspire your little chef as they cook up a storm.



Finding new activities for your little has never been easier. A KidPass membership works with thousands of brands so you can enjoy indoor playspaces, sports, museums, zoos, and classes with your child.

We love the flexible plans so you can choose ones that work best for your family—plus, credits rollover for 90 days for those busy months. You can enjoy a free month trial here. Starting at $49-$189 per month.


Shaker & Spoon

For the cocktail lovers, this is such a fun subscription. Each month, they’ll send you everything you need to make about 12 fabulous drinks, including recipes, syrups, bitters, mixers, garnishes and citrus—all centered around one type of alcohol. No alcohol is included in the box, but one bottle will be enough so you can work with what you have at home

raising the bar mocktail kit

Raising the Bar

For the friends and loved ones who don’t drink or are taking a break, the boxes from Raising the Bar ensure no one feels left out at cocktail hour. Each month’s box features a new drink recipe, everything you need to make it, and a fun goody to build out your bar, like glassware or accessories. Sugar Plum “Whiski” Sour anyone?



For a cleaner, greener new way to cleanse your hair, Hairstory’s New Wash combines essential oils and natural saturated cleansers to keep your hair fresh. Most shampoos use detergents, which strip your hair of the good oils that your hair actually needs (which is why you probably have to use conditioner, too). We love the canister and travel bottle that comes with it!



Therabox is a self-care box curated by therapists. It includes a happiness activity inspired by neuroscience and positive psychology research, plus full sized wellness items for the mind, body and soul!

Kaitlyn Russell also contributed to this post

This article was originally published in June 2020. It has been updated.

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