Here's a little secret no one tells you: getting dressed after you have a baby is actually harder than getting dressed when you're pregnant. Your body is likely looking and feeling different than pre-baby, and your clothing needs have changed.

Many mamas look at their closet and reject at least a third of the clothes hanging there, because:

  1. It's too precious. "I can't wear that silk shirt! The baby will spit up on it or my toddler will wipe his peanut butter hands on it and it will be ruined."
  2. It's too low cut or too short. "Bending over to pick up my child will show everything I have."
  3. It has no stretch. "I actually can't even bend over to pick up my child in this."

Mom life requires its own uniform and mom style is back and cooler than ever before.

Designers have made beautiful options that can take you from the office to the playground to date night in style.

Here are our five must-have items to create your mom uniform and a capsule wardrobe you'll use for years.

1. Loose fitting, long top

Keep it stylish but comfortable with flowy tops that have plenty of length to cover your waistband. The key is to find tops with a tailored look that don't add volume so you look polished. If you're breastfeeding, look for tops with built-in nursing access to make your life easier. Bonus points if they don't wrinkle.

2. A dress that floats over you

Convenience wins on those busy days (and aren't they always?) Throw a dress on and you're done, and that's critical when you're a mom.

Stock up on pretty dresses that look equally great with sneakers as they do with heels so they can do double duty. Also look for dresses that aren't overly dainty, complicated or short so you can chase kids and don't have to worry about running up a dry cleaning bill every time someone smears something on you.

Personally, I avoid off-the-shoulder and low-cut looks for everyday wear in favor of dresses I can wear with my most comfortable bras. Again, if you're breastfeeding, there are lots of great options with built-in nursing access.

3. Great pair of elastic waist pants

You read that right. Great looking elastic waist pants are not an oxymoron. The key is to find a pair with a quality fabric that holds its shape and looks tailored. Linen is great because it's actually supposed to be a bit wrinkly.

Pay attention to the waistband — you want a wide flat band that won't roll on you so the pants don't look like sweats but still remain comfortable. Choose a pant length and style that elongate your legs.

I like a pair that tapers in with cuffs at the ankle because I find them so easy to move in. Plus, the high-waisted look is back so tuck in a blousy top for a romantic, fresh and slimming look.

4. Jumpsuit or overalls

Here I go again with the one-piece dressing, but it really does simplify life! That said, it doesn't have to be boring.

You can dress up a jumpsuit with a blazer and heels, make it funky with booties and statement jewelry or keep it casual with sneakers. Jumpsuits are very flattering and much more forgiving than fitted outfits, and they feel like you're wearing pajamas.

I love the new more tailored overalls. Super belly friendly, and they look so cool with pointy-toed flats and a fitted striped tee.

5. Fabulous diaper bag

You know how a great bag and pair of shoes can elevate any outfit? Think of your diaper bag the same way, because it's the bag you're going to be carrying around most often for a few years.

You might want to splurge on a bag that is crave-worthy and makes you feel cool but is also functional and built exactly for what you need. I carry this NONA bag and am constantly asked where I got it. I love that it gives my outfit a little rock and roll feel from the unlikeliest of sources. Plus, we love these stylish ones that don't sacrifice style.

Once the littlest of my crew is out of diapers, I'll just swap out diapers for snacks, books and water bottles.

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