When you're designing a nursery, there's an endless list of products and needs to consider. From choosing the right gear and furniture to deciding where it all goes, there are enough decisions to make you want to curl up in the crib yourself—and that's before you even get to figuring out how you'll decorate the walls.

Decorating the space your little one will come home to can be overwhelming especially when you're not even remotely a designer. We've been there, mama. We've pinned and stalked Instagram and ended up with a nursery filled with mismatched decor that just didn't work. We've ended up down endless rabbit holes of expensive and over-the-top nurseries that made us want to call it quits altogether. But here's a hot tip that can make decorating a whole lot easier.

Just pick one focal point—one sizable piece of artwork that holds its own.

Our current favorite? The sophisticated and gender-neutral framed prints from The Letters NYC.

Designed by New York City art advisor, Lara A. Björk and painted by Pauline de Roussy de Sales, these limited-edition prints feature a refreshing take on the classic ABC prints that have graced nursery walls for generations. Their contemporary art collection-themed print showcases notable references to Banksy, Warhol, Koons, Haring and others, exposing even the youngest budding artists to the colorful masters.

The New York, California and South Carolina prints showcase cheeky odes corresponding to iconic, artful landmarks, people, places or things within the area culture.

It's possible they're even more engaging for adults than they are kids. (Any time you can involve The Beastie Boys, Billie Holiday, Iris Apfel, In-N-Out Burger and James Brown in nursery decor, we're here for it.) Each are hand-numbered and come with an explanation card detailing the individual letter references.

And, because nobody (especially expectant mamas) has time for framing, these have the option to come all framed and ready to hang. Even better, they stand the test of time, easily making the transition from baby to kid room. They are sized just right to be the solo star, but also play a great part in a fresh and clean gallery wall.

So relax, mama. We've got your nursery decor covered. Check out The Letters NYC Prints we're crushing on.

The Letters NYC $350

1. Art ABC print

The Art ABC print doesn’t just look incredible, it serves as a fascinating primer on contemporary art and artists and infuses art education into your little one’s life from day one.

The Letters NYC $350

2. New York print

From the Brooklyn Bridge to the Guggenheim to Woodstock, the New York Print is a must have for any Big Apple lovers.

The Letters NYC $350

3. California print

California dreamin’ comes easily when sleeping under this ABC print. It features laid-back and star-studded references to everything from juicing and yoga to the Oscars and the Walk of Fame.

The Letters NYC $350

4. South Carolina print

Bursting with southern charm, the South Carolina print highlights area icons like peaches, iced tea and equestrian entertainment.