It's no secret that motherhood is hard work . It's sleepless nights and putting someone else's needs ahead of yours on the daily. It's living with your heart (or hearts) outside your body, all sinewy arms and legs learning to crawl, walk and ride a bike. It's also a constant nagging worry that you're somehow not doing it right, this motherhood thing. That you're flying blind, making mistakes and who even put you in charge anyway ? But the truth is, you were made to do this. Underneath all that worry and second-guessing you've got everything you need to be exactly the mom your little one needs. Some call it mother's intuition —we like to call it the North Star. From the times you call the pediatrician because you just know something isn't right to the way you choose to educate, you've got the answers you need right inside you, mama. In honor of Mother's Day and in celebration of that incredible superpower, we at Motherly teamed up with our friends at Kinn to craft a piece of heirloom jewelry that we could not be more excited to introduce. The Motherly x Kinn North Star Necklace .
Led by Kinn's founder, Jenny Yoon, the stunning solid gold pendant features a sparkly North Star diamond on the front with the words "I Am My Own North Star" engraved on the back. Says Yee, "The inspiration behind this piece comes from two of the toughest and most resilient people in my life – my mother and my grandmother. Through their own life experiences, they've taught me to listen to my own intuition and allow that to guide the way, acting as my own North Star. The journey through life isn't always clear and we're often thrown curveballs when we least expect it. While we might lose track of our direction or purpose, I hope this piece serves as a reminder to the Kinn woman that she is her own North Star. True to who she is, was, and always will be."

The special edition necklace is available now. Snag one to celebrate yourself or start dropping hints now. There's plenty of time before Mother's Day!

Motherly x Kinn Northstar Necklace

Motherly x Kinn Northstar Necklace Available in both 18 and 20-inch chain lengths, the delicate North Star necklace is made from solid gold so you can wear it every single day without worry. This is one piece that is certain to be handed down for generations.
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