Preparing for a new baby can be pretty overwhelming. And amid all the furniture assembly, diaper stock-piling, and nursery decorating, there's one task that often gets pushed to the last possible minute—packing the hospital bag.

How do you even know what to pack in your hospital bag—especially if you've never done this before? How many bags do you even need? Well, don't worry. We've got you covered.

Meet the Motherly Hospital Ready Bag . We packed all the cozy, thoughtful and comforting must-haves into one gorgeous go-bag to help make packing for your best birth a little less stressful. Take a peek at what's inside!

  • The Motherly Guide to Becoming Mama to help empower you through labor and support you through the fourth trimester
  • A fluffy, never-want-to-take-it-off robe from Sunday Citizen because you deserve coziness now more than ever
  • The multi-tasking Nipple + Lip Rescue Balm from Hatch that soothes and saves cracked, chapped skin
  • A simple "Here We Go" journal for documenting this incredible journey (or just jotting down your room service order, because priorities)
  • A set of Thank You cards for your support team
  • Comforting compression socks from the pregnancy support pros at Belly Bandit to improve circulation and keep swelling to a minimum (plus, they're cozy!)
  • An adorable (and highly photogenic) "bébé" bodysuit for your brand new bundle
  • Tasty postpartum Milkmaid Tea from Earth Mama Organics to help promote healthy lactation
  • Delicious plant-based Nunona Mama Balls made from all-natural ingredients like to keep your energy and milk on the up and up
  • A sleek " Like A Mother" water bottle to keep you hydrated through the marathon of birth and baby care
  • A delicate "I Am Brave" cuff bracelet from Motherly that reminds you of your strength and resilience
  • All packed up into a sturdy mauve-colored duffel that you'll reach for long after your baby arrives

Together, these equal over a $400 value for $300! The Motherly Hospital Ready Bag is also available in two more curated versions with some (but not all) of these essentials. ( The Need It , $175 and The Want It , $225)

Shop The Motherly Hospital Ready Bag below!

This is just the beginning of the most incredible chapter. We're so grateful to support you along the way!