Your boobs can be the workhorses of new mama life. They do so much—like providing borderline miraculous nourishment that protects baby's health , encouraging a stronger bond , and even boosting mama's heart health —and they rarely get the credit they deserve. So show the ladies a little love!

Here are five of our favorite products from the experts at bamboobies that provide a little TLC for your breastfeeding boobs.

1. For leakage…a multi-pack of nursing pads.

When you're breastfeeding, leaks happen. (And usually when you least expect them.) Invest in a set of quality nursing pads—we particularly love this multi-pack that includes super-soft pads in a variety of thicknesses, from a thinner set that is invisible under clothes to a thicker version perfect for overnight use or during newborn nursing.

bamboobies Multi-pack Nursing Pads, Bamboobies, $24.99


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