Multitasking, while not necessarily always ideal, is inevitable in motherhood. There have been ( at least ) five million instances since becoming a mom where I've wished I had an extra set of hands available. Because, if I did, then I could make dinner, hold a crying baby, unload the dishwasher, respond to an important email, text my friend back, find the sparkly crayons and fix my ponytail without losing my cool. (Instead of attempting all of these things with one set of hands and— yes —definitely losing my cool.)

I remember one day in particular where I cursed myself (after the fact) for rushing around like a maniac. I was trying to transfer my pumped breast milk from the bottle to a bag while my daughter wailed on her play mat nearby because tummy time was o-v-e-r . And in a split-second, I did it. I spilled half of the bottle of pumped milk all over the counter and kitchen floor.

So, I did the only thing I could do at that moment. I zipped up the bag with the milk I had spared, threw it in the fridge, picked my (very) angry baby up, and cried right along with her. It's a mama milestone I'll never forget.

But that moment would have never happened if I had the bökee.

Born from the frustration of having to put their crying baby down time and time again in order to make bottle (after bottle) the two-dad founding team wanted to solve this multitasking dilemma for parents like them, parents who they knew were experiencing these same issues. Together with their wives, this two-family team created an efficient and beautifully designed product (that comes in three different colors) made from 100% food-grade silicone which will suction right onto your counter or tabletop and will fit any bottle or sippy cup in order to pour or transfer with one hand all (busy) day and all (exhausted) night.

The bökee

The bu00f6kee

For less than $20, this dishwasher-safe special weapon will stick with your family over the years. You may start with breast milk transfers or bottle holders for mixing formula, but, before you know it, you'll be placing a sippy cup in your bökee to fill with water so you don't spill all over your toddler's Play-Doh creation on the kitchen table.

Motherhood is the best, hands-down. But it's also chaotic and challenging, too. The bökee was developed to help the lives of parents everywhere. And if there's one thing I've learned over the years (took a lesson or two for me to understand it 😉), it's not to turn away good help when it's offered—and I don't plan to start now.

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