If I had a dollar for everything I've added to a virtual cart over the past eight months thinking, "I need this. We're in a pandemic ." I, well, I'd be able to afford like 1/8 the grand total. From "stress-relieving" aroma diffusers (going to need like an ocean's worth of lavender oil here) to jetted foot spas, there's really nothing I'm not cart-curious about if it might in some small way make the monotony of work, kids, Netflix, repeat just a little more bearable. Occasionally, I actually pull the trigger. And most of the time, I'm so glad I did. Case in point: A weighted blanket. Unless you've been living on a remote island for the past few years (where do I sign up?), you've definitely heard of weighted blankets by now. If not, I'll catch you up. Harnessing the power of deep pressure stimulation, these grounding blankets can help reduce anxiety , improve sleep and bring about a deeper sense of relaxation. They're championed by parents of kiddos on the spectrum as a tool to help them calm down, by mamas of toddlers who have a hard time sleeping in their own bed, and of course, everyone who has turned to one in hopes of not staring at the ceiling at 3 am AGAIN. Admittedly, I wondered if they could possibly be worth the hype. But as the market flooded with dozens of options and the world became a real dumpster fire, it wasn't a question of "should I get one" so much as it was a question of "which one should I get"—because if they're selling calm, I'm buying.
As I poured through options, I have to admit, I wasn't super impressed. Most have a tacky sheen that comes from their sub-par fabric or look suspiciously like the moving blankets stocked in the back of a U-haul. I want to relax, but I also want the whole experience to be something a little more sophisticated. I might be dragging it around the house Linus-style, but that doesn't mean it can't look good. That's when I realized Sunday Citizen , the makers of my all-time favorite comforter —the one that threatens to make me snooze past every alarm—makes a crystal weighted blanket and I couldn't get it in my overwhelmed, exhausted hands fast enough. For one thing, Sunday Citizen's crystal weighted blanket is made of their signature cloud-soft "snug" knit that out-cozies any sweater I own. It's a fabric that miraculously doesn't pill, doesn't trap all the dog hair, and washes perfectly every single time. What's more? While the majority of weighted blankets are filled with poly pellets, weighted discs, or glass beads, this beauty is packed with thousands of pieces of clear quartz, rose quartz and amethyst to "harness natural healing energy." (Okay, maybe that's a little out there, but at this point, I'll try anything.) Who am I? Lady Gaga? Beyoncé? Maybe not, but when I crawl under this thing, I'm pretty sure I know what it might feel like to chill on a velvet sectional in their palatial mansions. It's like those hugs from friends and loved ones we're all missing so dearly. It's as close to a blankey as any full grown adult should feel comfortable loving so much. And piling it on top of yourself while you binge another television series or grab those precious few hours you know your baby is guaranteed to be lights out is the self-care you deserve in spades right now. Is it pricey? Yes. But you're in luck. It's on sale through 11/30 and I can tell you with 100% certainty, it's worth the investment.

Check it out along with some of my other Sunday Citizen faves below!

Crystal weighted blanket

Sunday Citizen crystal weighted blanket See how happy she looks? I'm telling you, it's that good. Also good to know, the cover is removable and completely machine-washable.

Solid snug comforter

Sunday Citizen solid snug comforter This was my Sunday Citizen gateway drug. I wrote all about how much I love it here , but TL;DR, it's ahhhhhmazing. Like "I'm never getting out of bed again, go ahead and try to make me" levels of cozy and looks neat as pin when I do actually drag myself out.

Casablanca Snug Throw

Sunday Citizen casablanca snug throw If you're looking for all the softness without the weight, snap up this one. Do my kids fight over it every time they pile onto the couch? Yes. Do they fight about everything? Also yes.
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